Volume control on Naim app

Has anyone had issues with the volume control on the app whilst using a tablet or I phone?
Whilst using the “slider” volume control it invariably slews left and mutes the volume altogether.
Wondering if there is a solution.
(Using the latest software update on apple and Naim)

Many thanks in advance

That’s happening because you are allowing your finger to also touch the central bar at the bottom of the iPhone screen. Which iPhone are you using?

Hi David,
“Central Bar”? I will have to take a look and practice when I get back home. I have the 13 Pro Max. I need to have the larger one in order to see at my age; aided by glasses of course.
I cant remember having the issue prior to the latest Naim firmware update, but I may very well be wrong on that front.

The bar I am talking about is the one at the bottom which you swipe for some iPhone functions. This photo is a 12 Pro with IOS 14.8.1 on it currently.

I vaguely remember someone mentioning that the volume bottom bar was rather closer to the iPhone bar on an iPhone 13, so maybe there is an issue. Anyway let me know and I can feed it into the beta testing if there is an issue.

If the app starts to move on the screen when you are working the bottom volume slider, then for sure you also have your finger on the iPhone bar. I do recall that taking your finger off at that point when the app is on the move does cause the volume to go to zero.


David, you are a star; no pun intended! :wink:
I will endeavour to have a look this evening and touch base with you tomorrow.

Thank you very much for taking the time to post the screen shot, helped me understand your explanation and greatly appreciated. :+1:

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Morning David,
As mentioned I had a play around with the volume on the iphone 13 (iOS 15.1). Taking care not to touch the Apple bottom bar i moved the volume slider up and down, whilst it was a little better I did find that it still moved to zero when taking my finger off the slider.
I still ended up using the volume buttons on the side of the iphone. My wife had the same issue using an iphone 11 pro max (iOS 15.1).
I certainly think that there is an issue here and “room for improvement”.
Other than that I haven’t experienced any issues with the app despite what some others may have had.

Morning Mark

What Naim products are you controlling the volume on? Once I have that, I’ll feed it back in to the development test team via the beta group.

Hi David,
Naim Uniti Star is what I have at the moment.
Thank you very much for taking an interest and passing this issue on.
This is my first Naim product and am mightily impressed with it as well as the support.
Genuinely very much appreciated and a pleasure "chatting"with you. :+1:

I found the slider bar option for volume control gave me problems with my previous Samsung Galaxy J3 and current iPhone SE. Not jumping back to minimum as the op has described but the fact that it was nigh on impossible (for me, at least) to achieve any precision. I found I had to use the remote instead.

Very pleased to be able to use the alternative option of the plus and minus buttons which are further up the screen and reliably change the volume stepwise with accuracy rather than swooping up and down and never hitting the mark you want.

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In the IOS app If you go to settings/other settings /bottom bar volume control, there is the option to switch from slider to buttons. This gives the option of an incremental control.

Thanks Kend I wasn’t aware of that, I will check that out later. :+1:

Hi Kend,
settings/other settings /bottom bar volume control?
I’m afraid i cant find the “other settings” tab once in settings. Is that in “General settings” on the iphone or within the Naim app?

It’s in the Naim app. On Android (and I think it’s the same on iOS) it is Naim app > Settings (the gear wheel top right) > Other

Cheers Suedkiez,

Will change mine over this evening.

When using the volume buttons on my ipad, the volume will not go past 36 on my Superuniti. It works fine with the slider.
Is anyone else having this problem?
Max volume set at 60.
Streamer ver. 4.8.00
Naim app 5.22.3

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