Volume control using ND5XS2

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions how I can get around a small issue please. I recently bought a ND5 XS 2 and have connected it to my NAC62 with 5 pin DIN. The system is starting to sound great through the HiCap/NAP90 into B&W 760’s. However when I try to control the volume from the Naim App the controls do not respond. Normally this would be fine as most modern PreAmps have remote but mine doesn’t. Is this some new thinking by Naim that they don’t want the volume controlled through the App ? Any help much appreciated !


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Sorry, but I think you’re pretty much screwed, as far as remotes go. The ND5XS2 doesn’t have one, and an after-market one won’t work because there is no IR receiver on the unit.

I believe you can set the ND5XS2 to variable out, then you would have to set your NAC62 volume control to some arbitrary setting, but that would only work for the streamer of course. Apologies if you already know that…


The Naim app cannot control the volume of your 62. It can only do this with more recent preamps that were designed with ‘System Automation’ volume control.

As an alternative you can enable ‘Variable Volume’ via the Naim app settings menu. This will give you a digital volume control independent of the preamp volume pot.

Digital volume controls are o.k. if you do it right.

The possible trouble come if the mastering used noise-shaped dither like POW-r or UV22HR. The makers of these says they should only be used as the final dither as the effects of then applying digital multiplication and then re-dither is less than optimal.

I have not tried to listen if this effect matters or not. Still I always use linear dither and prefer analog volume controls.

Thank you for your help guys. The strangest thing has happened . When changing Volume mode from Fixed to Variable was suggested the Volume Mode option did NOT appear in the settings drop down menu ! At some point yesterday afternoon it appeared !!! However changing to Variable only showed the Volume control but it still didn’t work. After reading more of your helpful comments this morning I tried it again…and now it works !!! I will only be using this facility when away from the system as I realise the source should always be full volume and sound level controlled by the Pre Amp !

So that ‘variable volume’ setting would work as well with a SN2 ? I have the same streamer and sometimes would like to use app on my phone for volume controle instead of the remote of the SN2…

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Variable volume is a digital control on the streamer, entirely separate from the amp volume pot. If you enable system automation it uses the amp volume control via the Naim app.


You can. Search up system automation. Needs a cable between the ND5 XS 2 and SN2 and some fiddling with the settings in the app to set it up.

Thanks weirdly the Volume variable option is now allowing me to use the app for control if I’m away from the system (which is all I needed it for)

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For some reason this only worked today but thanks. Situation remedied now

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It works!

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