Volume dial xs3

Can the volume dial on the nait xs3 be removed like on the xs2?

You do ask some very bizarre questions. Why would you want to fiddle with your knob?


I would assume it’s the same arrangement on a splined shaft but as HH says, why?

We started conversation about wrapping the knob in nice colorful wraps:) and was thinking, maybe can do it to the amp too. The dial on the xs3 seem not to be removable. But maybe just a bit more force.

What! I guess your warranty is not important… you can’t just apply brute force and damage £2k worth of amp surely?

Someone’s bored.

I did not apply brute force. It is important. I slightly pulled on the dial. Once I by accident pulled on the knob on my old xs2 and found out it comes out easily. After I observed similar behavior on older nacs. So just asking … not applying force, because the waranty is important.

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