Volume fluctuations?

I have ripped my CD collection with dB poweramp lossless flac. Also a few hi res albums from Qobuz etc. Synology nas -_272/250dr. I have previously noticed a subtle variation in volume and dynamics on some albums. This is now very noticeable since I have loaned Neat Ministras on home demo which are generally excellent. Strangely recordings that previously sounded better with my motive 2s now have a marked volume dip and loss of dynamics unless I turn the volume up quite considerably. The rips that sounded a bit bright, harsh and loud on the Motives now sound fantastic. I wonder if this down to differences in speaker sensitivity and impedance?
It generally isn’t a problem if listening to an album but with a playlist I find that constantly adjusting the volume is a real pain. Is there a way to fix this with dB poweramp or any other way to get a more even volume?

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