Volume jumps to maximum

The volume control on my nac 272 has taken to suddenly jumping to maximum if I move any of the volume controls. ie apps or remote control. I have set max volume to 50 in order to avoid any damage.
I have reset the apps and then done a full reset on the 272. I am using all fully updated apps and firmware.
Anyone got any suggestions? The problem is there on all inputs.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

My Superuniti (which uses an identical volume control to the 272) once did this immediately after a firmware update. It could easily have fried my speakers, although fortunately (for my speakers, not my ears!) I was in the room and was able to dive for the volume control and no harm was done.
I would suggest that you inform Naim support of your problem as this is a potentially damaging and expensive problem which they really need to resolve.

I updated to 4.8 within a couple of days of its release successfully I thought and without the need for an unplug restart. All was fine, I have then been away for a few days so switched off and unplugged and the problems with volume control have started and seem to be getting worse or at least more frequent.
Thanks for your reply.

i have a MU So 0786 and every time i switch it on the volume gets set to MAX

practically damaged my ears :((

can someone suggest a means or setting to change this ??


Have you done a reset to the Mu-So?

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The exact same thing happened to me with my SN2. Just dumb luck that my speakers didn’t get blown. I had to hold the volume knob down while I reached around the back to turn off the SN2. When I had a Superuniti, I at least could have programmed max volume to 60%. The tweeters aren’t available for my speakers anymore, so really, I’m just waiting for it to happen again when I’m not close to the unit and I’ll have to buy new speakers, which I really don’t want to do as they sound great. I really have to give this specific issue some thought in regards to moving forward with Naim kit.

What service are you using?

There were some reported issues with Roon potentially starting the Mu-so at high volume over AirPlay, but this was fixed in the recent Firmware 2.0.0 update for first-generation Mu-so.

Always Happens when I connect via Bluetooth

Via airplay will chk since as a habit I have started to first turn down volume

Firmware is updated.

Will reset once as suggested below and revert. Thanks

Has anyone ever had this uncontrolled max volume issue with a NAC 552?

Love my speakers, in Toronto …

Only time I’ve ever come across this with any of the regular pre-amps was due to a rogue IR signal, often coming from a remote that has got stuck down the cushions of a sofa or armchair, or one that has had a book or a pile of papers or magazines put on top of it where the volume button gets pressed in.

Yes, i’ve never had any volume issues with any of my Naim kit (Mu-so, Uniti or Classic/500), over many years, other than the occasional ‘user error’…

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Hi Richard, that’s a good thought. But at the time the remote was sitting on my audio stand, untouched, and I was adjusting the volume with the Naim App. I really liked being able to set an internal max volume when I had my SU, but of course that’s not possible with most of the units.
@ChrisSU had the same issue, it was so weird.
Could it be an IR signal from somewhere in the house from some other appliance?

On three other occasions, the volume on my SN2 moved itself to the zero position and wouldn’t move up until I turned the SN2 off. I was manually turning the knob up, and it just kept zeroing itself.
Hasn’t happened tho for about six months.

I am not sure if this is relevant, but I had a similar issue with my Unitiquite 2. When I changed the volume via the remote the volume increase/decrease would not stop. Almost like the button of the remote control was stuck. The UQ2 was sent in for a service by my dealer and Naim replaced the front logo which can also be used for changing the volume. I just saw that the N272 has a similar function, so maybe the issue is related to the logo button at the front.

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Yes, hence my mention of a “rogue” IR signal. Some devices are naughty and can interfere with RC5 protocols. Other things to beware of are devices that emit very high levels of interference such as certain flat screens along the plane of the screen in particular (this can sometimes affect the logic controls if the screen is placed right above the pre-amp) or low voltage lighting systems.

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There are certainly quite a few contributors of IR signals in the same room. I’ll keep that in mind if it happens again. In fact, I have a lamp sitting on the top shelf of my audio stand as there’s no equipment there, and it has a wifi controllable light bulb in it that came with a security system. I’ll change the bulb just in case.
@toscana , Interesting regarding the Logo. The Logo mutes my SN2.

I just checked the paperwork for the repair of my UQ2. The issue was actually that out of the blue the UQ would reduce the volume all the way down to 0.

Yeah, my SN2 has done that more often that going to max volume. I’ll just have to keep an eye on it and hopefully it will go down next time as well, and maybe I can determine the a possible cause. Otherwise, I’ll mention it to the tech when I have it serviced in a few years, and just pray for my speakers in the meantime.

There were some issues in the Beta group, someone reported volume going to max with the Naim app on Android with a Uniti, some time in spring. I believe this was fixed though. And of course the Roon thing you mentioned. Plus another third party issue with Spotify changing the volume even when not in the same network - not a Naim issue either, though

To be fair, it only happened to me once and that was some time ago. I was updating the firmware on my SU. When it restarted itself it changed input to iRadio (last used was UPnP), selected a station, turned volume to max and played it. I am quite certain that no rogue remote controls were involved.