Volume jumps to maximum

Okay, good to know. It’s happened to my SN2 about 5 times in total, so I think I’ll ask HQ if they have encountered this and know what to do.
I’m fairly adept at analysing things, but I haven’t been able to figure out the cause yet. Could be internal, as a shutdown fixes it.

I’ve discovered that my ARCAM 550 remote can cause the volume control on my Naim 252 to jump, but not to max fortunately. Also changes the input. Just one button on the ARCAM controller, not all. So rogue IR sounds like a possibility

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Yes, it does. Hey, I know … I’ll throw away all my remotes, lol.
I’ll definitely investigate that more thoroughly tho. Maybe I hit one of the buttons on another remote at the time.

Being an AV amp, your Arcam 550 surely should be able to RC5 change code sets so it doesn’t conflict with an existing amp?

I think the problem may be solved!
I spoke to naim support and they thought it could be a hardware issue, so I contacted my dealer and arranged to take the 272 in for onward shipping to Salisbury. Then I thought I would try it disconnected from the internet so I unplugged Ethernet and hey presto the volume control worked perfectly from the remote obviously I could not use the naim app.
Now I have been on a quite long and convoluted journey to roonify and use qobuz on my 272. Part of this journey which I had been thinking of sharing on the forum had involved the use of Sonore Bridge software which I know a fair number of others have tried on here. I used it and I think there were some volume issues which I resolved at the time. I was no longer using the sonore bridge. I am now using an ultrarendu via an spdif converter directly into the 272 also the max volume problem occurred on other inputs not just my spdif input such as optical digital input from tv consequently I had ruled out the problem coming from my ultra rendu which is set to fixed volume. So how come the problem was solved when I disconnected the Ethernet cable? I have subsequently deleted the sonore upnp bridge software from the network and reconnected the 272 to the network all appears to be working fine. Is it possible that the sonore upnp bridge software was messing with my volume even though I wasn’t using it?
Anyhow I’m very pleased not to be without my system for a few weeks and very pleased that the problem was not naim related.
Get that 272 replacement launched and I wouldn’t have been put to all this trouble
Thanks for all the contributions and help especially Clare who did point me back to Roon even though I didn’t think unused software could be the cause.

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Hi @JohnP

On that generation of product the UPnP renderer interface (as used by roon bridges etc) is the most common reason for stuff like instant max volume and playback control issues.

For those with similar issues it typically comes down to:

  • volume ramps up to 100 in steps - clash with another IR remote control
  • instant vol max - upnp third party device is setting it, or airplay is (check itunes airplay device picker)
  • mystery control of volume - someone is sharing your Spotify account and has accidentally connected to the device while away from the house, wondering why they hear no Spotify audio on their phone.
  • bluetooth is connected and phone is on max vol as last used volume (muso/qb2)
  • randomness on vol control when using the remote control - batteries need replacing

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Thank you very much for your comprehensive and very helpful reply, Steve

Hello Steve. Regarding bullet #2 - above - I don’t have any i-gear, but I have a Synology NAS and a computer with Ripped CDs on it that I access thru the Upnp selector on the Naim App. The server is Access.
Could these units be what occasionally forces my SN2 vol knob to go the Max vol and hold there?
Again, it has also been held to zero a few times.
Being a manufacturing engineer, I’m very good at assessing and analysing weird situations, but I’m stumped.
However, it’s possible this has only been happening, after I installed the NAS. Not sure on timing tho.

Hi @david1111

Based on that the Supernait2 is based around a traditional motorised volume knob, there are only really two mechanisms for it to change by itself:

  • IR commands received by a remote control. It might not be a Naim one as the ir protocol used (Philips rc5) is common in the world of Hifi. Some energy saving lightbulbs can cause issues as older ones modulate at around 36kHz, but they more generate random valid rc5 codes now and then.
  • Electrical rc5 commands received from the streamer via a 3.5mm jack cable (aka system automation).

If you don’t have the system automation link installed then that narrows it down to IR.

Best regards



Hi @Stevesky

Thank you for the additional information. Very clear.
That makes a lot of sense because we’ve had a lamp on the top shelf of the audio stand which had a controllable, energy saving light bulb in it. I have since changed the bulb to a regular incandescent. We only ever turn that light on when we have company over, and I remember specifically, the last time it went to the max was when we had company over, so that’s probably it.

However, I do use system automation. But if it was the lamp that was causing the volume to go to maximum then I’m not concerned about it going to the minimum. If it does happen again, I’ll disconnect the system automation. I usually control the volume with the remote these days anyway.

Thanks again for your time on this, I know you guys are very busy these days.

Best regards,



Most modern lightbulbs generate quite a lot of electrical noise. That certainly includes all fluorescent fittings I have come across, but also most LEDs. I have found a few ‘filament’ type LED fittings that seem to generate no noise at all, and these are what I use. Not that I would have anticipated them causing this particular issue, but I like to keep the overall level of electrical interference in the house to a minimum.

Thanks for the tip @ChrisSU . I’ll research that a bit and see if I can find some like you suggest. The lamp is a tad close to my kit, so it’s worth some time to find the right bulb. I agree, the less electrical interference, the better.

If you’re looking for an LED replacement for a traditional incandescent bulb with bayonet or screw fitting I found the Sylvania brand to be good, and one of the few that didn’t buzz like a hornets nest when you point an AM radio at them, which is a handy low-tech way of testing any electrical stuff for RFI emissions.

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