Volume level on 552 and receiver

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out which should have better sound, a £300 receiver low volume into 552 high volume or £300 receiver high volume into 552 low volume??

You see my volume remote controls both at once and I wondered if anyone had an answer. Do I use maths and think total output = x regardless, and what makes x is r + 552, so better having high 552 and low r??? If x is always the sound fidelity result???



I’m assuming this is an AV receiver? In which case, why not just connect to an input on the NAC552 with Unity Gain enabled? That will bypass the volume control on the NAC552 and allow the receiver’s main 2 channels to feed straight through the 552 to the power amp.

Having the volume pot higher on the 552 will certainly help as the volume control at low levels is not great, miss balancing is the main reason

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