Volume maxed but no sound

Hi, I connect to Spotify through a number of devices (iPad, two iPhones). When I connect to Bluetooth on my device and access my Naim, suddenly I can’t hear anything, and only when I take the volume to the max, can I hear the speakers connected to my Naim. This doesn’t always happen, but is happening now, and I’m trying to fix it. I’ve looked at the volume controls on the other devices, but they seem normal

When using Bluetooth, the volume level on your phone probably controls the volume. Caution, turn your amp down before trying to up the phone level.

But Bluetooth is a rather poor way to connect. I thought the Naim app can be used to natively play Spotify on the SuperUniti? That would surely be better. (Though Spotify is not so great itself)

Spotify is not that bad honestly …

In the what I call ‘now playing screen’ you can select the device you want to stream to. Then you are using the Spotify Connect functionality as Suedkiez is mentioning.

BTW; I used to own a SuperUniti as well for a short period of time: excellent piece of kit!

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