Volume numeric display

I’ve just had my Uniti Star unit replaced by Hifi Corner due to a fault.
The new one doesn’t display the number of the volume level when using the volume control wheel or the app?
Is there a setting I’m not finding?
Firmwear is up to date.

Try a full factory reset, although note you will have to re-do all your favourites, settings afterwards, so make a note of them if need be;

Put the unit into Standby, disconnect any speakers and disconnect the power cable.
Press and hold the Play/Pause and Input buttons, hold in while reconnecting the power cable.
Continue holding the buttons for 5 seconds or until the factory reset progress bar is displayed.
Release the Play/Pause and Input buttons.
Wait for the product to complete the factory reset and go into stand-by.
Press Stand-by button and the product will power up and display the welcome screen.
After completing the setup wizard, place the unit back into standby.
Reconnect the speakers.

If it doesn’t work first time around, then try again.

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