Volume on Naim app

Just wondering if anyone has had the same experience as I’m having with the Naim app. Controlling the volume on a hardwired 272 is very unstable, laggy, and sometimes just doesn’t work. So I invested in a BT whole home system thinking the iPhone connection wasn’t perhaps strong enough but it’s no different really, but here’s the odd bit. If I go into the multi room section (I have a qute in the kitchen) and regardless of whether I use the multi room option or not, the 272 volume control in that section is rock solid, accurate and never becomes laggy. It proves that the connection is not the issue, something amiss with the app. If it turns out I’m the only one with this then I’ll delete and reload the app, but I’d rather not have to reset all my radio stations etc. The app is 5.2 and the phone is also up to date.

Copying in my colleague @tomvamos here, as i’m sure he’ll be interested in this.


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