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Hi all, my name is Niels, come from the Netherlands and are new to Naim. For a few months I own a supernait3 and am very happy with the sound. There is just one issue with the volume that bothers me. When turned up to clockwise 10 the sound stops and the amp is “stuck” meaning the remote doesn’t interact with the amp anymore. The amp switches itself from streamer to aux, no blinking lights. When I walk over to the amp, turn down the volume manually and switch back to streamer everything works fine. I can’t imagine it to be a volume protection issue because yes, it is rather loud at clockwise 10 but not as loud as former amps on the same speakers. Anyone a clou what can be the problem? Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately that sounds like a trip back to the dealer but @NeilS maybe able to shed some light?

Welcome to the forum Niels

It’s a shame you seem to have a fault right from the start of ownership…but you will get to experience Naim customer care sooner than expected…as a bonus

Do you have a remote automation cable connecting Streamer and amp?

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Hi Neils,

Have you tried replacing the batteries in the remote?


Hi all and thanks for the welcome. I do have a cable between my ND5 XS2 streamer and sn3 (ir out nd5 and it in sn3) but that is only to be able to operate the volume in the Naim app. The failure presents itself when using the remote.

I certainly can and will try. But it seems strange that the volume stop and causes the failure at exact the same point on the volume due to weak batteries.

Just now I tried new batteries and thought I give it a try with no input for the amp. Better for my ears :wink:. But now something very strange happened. As always when the music stopped at 10 clockwise the buzzing sound but now my volume knob automatically runs to max without using the remote.

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Do you have anything else in the room that could be interfering with the remote - television for example?


Try disconnecting the cable and using SN3 remote to change volume

I have the amp under the tv but the tv is off when I listen to music and the remote from the tv is not within reach. If I remove the ir cable the problem is the same.

Could you try a reset on the SN3?
Switch the amp off.
Disconnect the speakers at the back of the unit.
Switch back on while holding the front panel mute button.
Does the problem persist?


Hi Neil, I did but no change. When I walk to the amp to put the volume lower then 10 o’clock you hear the same sound as in the old days when your volume knob was old and worn out, you hear a little bit of interference going up and down the volume. Below 10 o’clock this disappears.

What struck me as art from the beginning was something I never experienced before with other amps. clockwise 7 o’clock is no sound, 5 o’clock is max and at about 9 o’clock the volume is pretty loud, on 10 it gets stuck.

That all sounds normal, apart from the knob sticking at 10 o’clock.
I would suggest getting your local dealer to take a look at it for you.


Oké,of course I will. Already send an email but since it is weekend and I was waiting for the Grand Prix to start I thought to get some ideas here. Thanks for the help and have a nice Sunday.

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Nailed it. Tried other speaker cables and the problem was gone. Turns out you should not believe all you read on the internet but of course we already knew that. What you should not believe is that you can attach the shielding of a supra ply 3.4 cable on something that is grounded at the side of the amp. This should give more dimension to the sound. With me it obviously didn’t. :grimacing:. Thought I’d mention it for other members with similar problems. Regards, Niels.

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