Volume problem

My current system is CD5i,150x,112x,flatcap, stageline and Rega RP3 with Dynaudio speakers. I have just put my cd5i in for a service and since disconnecting it i have found that i needn’t turn the volume up as far when playing vinyl. Any ideas please ?

I suspect that the output volume is different. Vinyl needs a phono stage as the output is very low.a CD can be quite a bit louder. Its common for different sources to have different levels.

Steve, I think the OP is saying that with the CD5i out of the system he doesn’t have to turn the volume up as much for his Rega RP3 which was already in situ. The different output of the devices isn’t the issue.

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@SteveO ahhh, yes on rereading it seems you are correct!

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