Volume setting change

I have noticed that perhaps coincident with the initial firmware update to v3.5,that the volume decreased somewhat versus same volume knob setting and all else equal. I reverted to v3.4 because I noted a SQ deterioration as discussed in another thread and while the SQ improved back to previous, the volume setting change remains.
Is there a setting on the ND555 I am not aware of that can effect this?
The difference is on the order of 8 o’clock vs. 9 o’clock on the 552.
Any thoughts?

The streamer has no concept of volume level when using System Automation to control the preamp volume pot. It just activates the tiny motor that moves the pot for as long as you hold down the button. So I don’t think the firmware version has any relevance.
I wonder if the volume knob could have become misaligned, but I’m not sufficiently familiar with the 552 to suggest hiw you might investigate this.

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