Volumio - a streaming services aggregator

Yes i have been running it for over 5 years,just down load it and have a play to see if it for you.

  1. Volumio will work with Qobuz but you will need a MyVolumio Virtuoso account at (28.99 Euro)
  2. Yes it will work as a UPnP server & endpoint.
    For me i only use it to connect to my nas and internet radio and it works very well.
    One other thing that i have now started to use it the graphic equalizer (this is an optional download ad on) just helps lower the bass on my speakers for my room and i must say it works very well.
    Hope this helps but just give it a go as nothing to lose (for the basic player)
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To my understanding Volumio is not a Roon competitor: Roon is an application-level program whereas Volumio it is a dedicated Linux distribution like Moode, DietPi, GenTooPlayer, AudioLinux, Euphony, etc. I might be missing somehting, of course.

I have tried Volumio and did not like its web interface but it was some time ago.

Since a few weeks I am running GenTooPlayer in parallel with my minimal, dedicated Raspbian distribution and I find it very good. The GenTooPlayer web interface too is not perfect but the system can be easily setup to act as a Roon endpoint, a UPnP client (via upmpdcli), a UPnP server (MinimServer), an HQPlayer and much more. Very, very flexible and yet minimal.

I think so (upmpdcli has built-in support for Tidal, Qobuz, Google Music, etc.) but I do not use any streaming services anymore. It is possible that the upmpdcli support for Qobuz has been dropped, I think they changed their API sometime last year.

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