Voyager 2

I’d love to be able to wear that outfit and look as good as she did but no chance of that, especially as a cat. :haircut_woman: :woman_shrugging: :woman_facepalming: :smiley_cat:

Equally, if we play to stereotypes of the age, isn’t it a great ploy (of the alien intelligence) to use a conventionally attractive female to attract and distract all those silly men with only one thing on their minds?

Bald is conventionally attractive?

I’d suggest she was conventionally attractive in other endeavours (Miss India etc).

In the movie she’s simply stunning, and was apparently warned that if she took the role she’d have to shave her hair, something I’d imagine women from her culture in particular might be concerned about in a traditional sense (naturally I’m assuming and this may not be the case).

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It’s back…


Well not back back.

It’s always a relief for the systems engineer who has to tell the spacecraft operators “Send this telecommand”……and it works.

Been there, done that! (I bought myself a celebratory bottle of single malt on on the back of it!)

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