VPN and Naim app

I run Private Internet Access VPN. The Naim app starts but fails to discover my kit. Suspend the VPN and all ok. Not a major issue therefore, but would be nice to have an exception or something

It’s simply because your Naim kit is not on the same network that your phone/tablet is on. The App can’t tell you to turn off your VPN because it has no way of knowing there is one in use!

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Interesting, I use a VPN on the iPad that mostly control NDX and 272 (both wired) and do not have this problem. However, I have had it with TIDAL and have to set the VPN to the same region as I’m in for this to work.
I would switch streamers and router off, restart and then with VPN on try connecting and see what happens.

Same here, I’ve used Express VPN on my phone quite a bit over the last few years and it has never been a problem.
Not sure if running a VPN on the router would cause such an issue.

Not quite understanding. All kit on the same subnet 192.168.0.x. only difference is Ndx2 is wired ethernet with a static ip address and the phone and tablet are dhcp

I think it is recommended that the streamers are dhcp and not fixed IP. Can you try that and see if it makes a difference?

Sorry, I stand corrected it is set to dhcp. I got a new router and ended up having to do a factory reset on the ndx2 so it is now set to dhcp as is the tablet and phone. I tried setting a UK location on the vpn but still doesn’t see it. I can open a ticket with the vpn provider. Not the end of the world just a bit frustrating!

Sounds like your VPN is sending all traffic down the tunnel.

There’s usually a setting on VPN clients something like “allow local/LAN access” which sends to local LAN instead of tunnelling. Look for that and enable?

On your VPN it appears to be Setting/Network/Allow LAN traffic (going by Google)

Thank you Iain Gold star. Found the setting just where you said and works fine now.

10 shilling note in the post!


Glad it’s working :smile:

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