VTuner down in Australia?

Still no joy. There are still some stations that are not connecting via vtuner. Stations that worked before the vtuner upgrade.
In particular Radio 24 LIVE in Switzerland.
FYI I am trying to connect from Switzerland to the above mentioned Swiss station. Please help!


Hi @Benny,

Radio 24 should now be working again. Not related to the BBC change - there was just an unrelated CDN change that happened at a similar time on that station.

For clarity we have asked VTuner to fix this station:

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi Steve I’m having problems with the vtuner still. I can’t for life of me get it to work on all 3 of my devices, I can stream my own rips and Qobuz and there’s nothing wrong with my network.

Give Steve a few tam tams when you visit HQ……that should sort it😂

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I’ll give a couple of packets if he can fix it. :grin:

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Working fine here Pete. Is there a particular station you are trying?

@Stevesky. Many thanks. All working again. Many thanks for your help and also, as always, a big THANK YOU for the fantastic service you guys give.
Once a Naimer, always a Naimer!

The ABC Sydney. We’ve been struggling the last 2 or 3 days however I managed to get going this afternoon.

Hi all,

VTuner had a bit of a wobble due to an issue in the new data centre they are hosted in. The primary server was down for about 4hrs between 21:30 on 20th June (UK time) till 01:30 of the 21st June.

The system is back to normal now.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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You should still get the tam tams…just to try @Pete_the_painter

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Thanks that makes sense, thank you. :+1:

@stevesky. It worked up until yesterday, but since then the station Radio24 live in Switzerland only shows status “stopped”.
Interestingly, if I go to vtuner site, the station plays without problems.

Please look into this. It’s frustrating
Many thanks

Hi @Benny

Radio 24, Switzerland should now be fixed on VTuner. It was broken on all instances of Vtuner, not just the Naim server instance.



@Stevesky thank you , it now works again.many thanks

Any news on my request apparently it was meant to happen with the next update

Remind us what your request was Pete? ABC Sydney?

No it was a local mid Coast station Breeze FM 97.7

Hmm I cannot find it either.

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