vTuner iRadio and legacy streamers

Until last week I was able to listen to Radio Swiss Jazz and Radio Swiss Classic via their high quality AAC streams on my Uniti2, added by myself via vTuner. These no longer work. Looking at the Radio Swiss websites it seems that the URLS have changed. So I have updated them on vTuner but the problem persists - the updated stations are listed on my Uniti2 as “unavailable”. The MP3 streams are still available via vTuner but they are of lower quality. Is my problem a function of using a legacy streamer? I seem to remember some discussion of this on the forum but cannot locate it now. Are there any workarounds apart from upgrading my streamer or resigning myself to listen at a lower quality?

I can only find the MP3 on my NDX2. Maybe @Stevesky can help. I wasn’t aware of this station - they are playing some great music at the moment and a higher quality than the MP3 would be great.

Radio Svizzera Classic is my favorite classical music station!

Hi @Vilberie

Try taking the ‘s’ off the https in the URL. For example:


Steve Harris

Many thanks Steve. That appears to work. Is that a general workaround for legacy streamers?


Interesting question… I hope not, as increasingly you will start to see non encrypted HTTP URLs (ie http as opposed to https) deprecated… but yes with https the streamer has to work harder… and I wonder if the legacy streamers have the TLS and certificate negotiation code built in.

Hi Steve

Are you able to add these to the standard iRadio so they can be accessed via the app without needing to know websites?


Hi @anon4489532

VTuner are a bit between a rock and a hard place for primary stations. The main issue is that they have other customers who run hardware that doesn’t support AAC radio, hence they aim to deliver MP3 as a preference. However, the world is changing and AAC and HLS is starting to become the norm.

The general policy we have with VTuner is that if there is a vastly better stream then they add it as a unique station with - HD on the end. For example FIP HD (192k AAC vs 128k MP3). If however the AAC vs MP3 is no huge game changer then stick with the MP3. In this case its 96k AAC vs 128k MP3. AAC has the advantage but not by that much.

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Hi @Vilberie

Workaround - Yes - although the green screen streamers support https, it only goes up to TLS1.2, not TLS1.3. The goal posts of security have moved and hence these incompatibilities have been introduced.

Best wishes


Thanks Steve. I had a listen to the MP3 last night on my NDX2 and it sounded very good. The nomenclature is a bit beyond me!

Just had Hannock’s Half Hour on Radio 4 Extra interrupted by the following message -

“The way your device receives BBC radio programmes will stop working on or after the 22nd March 2021. If you’re using an internet radio or smart speaker, please contact the device manufacturer.”

At work I found pressing buttons in the lift a technological challenge. So went into my logitech radio, found the URLs below and updated them with the second set (i.e. not the one with pls) - seems OK so far.

Thanks Steve for the background info. You are right, in this case there probably isn’t a lot to choose between the AAC and MP3 streams practically, but Swiss Radio themselves do recommend their 96 kb/s AAC over their MP3 stream for best quality. So I was following their lead!

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