vTuner Radio Station Query

I see the vTuner site now allows a logo url to be input for your selected radio stations.
I’ve tried using a Google image url for the logo but no joy.
Any ideas which url to use in this case !

Hi @scrodpants

The URL you want to put in there needs to be ideally:

  • An asset hosted from somewhere that won’t change often.
  • Ideally a non https one
  • One that hasn’t got tracking cookies or the like attached to it (that is a big long string of numbers and letters).

So example using Google Chrome:

  • I want the logo for “Folk Alley”
  • In google I search for Folk Alley - click on the images tab
  • This gives me results.
  • I eyeball over the hits returned. Its best to either reference logos from the original website or from a radio service. In this example I’m going to use the one from iHeartRadio.

Right click on the image and pick ‘Copy Image address’

Paste the URL into your browser and see if its a sensible looking one. In my case I have:

Looks nice. Next up see if the same URL works for http only, so remove the ‘s’ of https.

Yep - still works. OK. Copy and paste that address into the VTuner Logo URL section in ‘Add Station’. Ensure there is no space at the start of the URL as that can stop it working.

Remember you are reusing someone else’s system so if they make changes in the future the URL may stop working.

Finally, if you have a station that is not in the database then let us know and we’ll feed it to VTuner. It’s better for all that new but potentially niche stations are added, rather than everyone have to go through the pain of manually adding (and maintaining) the station.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi Steve,
Thanks very much for such a helpful and comprehensive response.

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