Wall Mains Sockets

I had to take out the Furutech wall mains socket where my main system’s block is plugged in and put the standard MK one back in (due to reinstallation and some changes).

As much as I was wondering if and what the effect of reversing would be, well, some of the soft richer velvety layer is gone! It’s somehow flatter and a bit harsher now.

I remember the positive effect when I swapped for the Furutech, it was quite impressive but I’d never done the reverse test until now. I look forward to getting back to the Furutech soon.

Just in case anyone is wondering!:slight_smile:


I also replace my 40 year old mains socket with Furutech NCF. Great upgrade :+1:


MK plugs and sockets have long been a standard recommendation for audio use, at least before expensive audiophile versions arrived. MK stuff used to be solidly made, but for quite a few years now, since production was moved to Malaysia, I have found them to be relatively flimsy, and of all those I have bought, I have probably had to return at least 50% of them with manufacturing defects. I now avoid them, and sometimes use Crabtree instead.

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Hager are also very good. Just solidly made, easy to connect up.

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Which Furutech sockets are you using? Gold?

Yes, the single version

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