Wall mount speaker shelves

Can anyone recommend decent looking and simple wall mount shelves that could support speakers like Tab 10s or ATC SCM 7s and are currently in production?

I’m thinking something like the old Sound Org or Target wall shelves which unfortunately are out of production and hard to find on the used market.

My three year old is getting very physical and it stresses me out when he is around the SL2s.

What you really need, of course, is a pair of N-Sats with dedicated wall brackets. These are particularly good for kids as the speakers won’t fall off unless you lift them vertically upwards for an inch or so. Not so easy to find these days.

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Konig & Meyer

They have a range of multi wall brackets for speakers including wall bracket speaker shelves that offer some adjustment for angle.

I can highly recommend them.

Of course, you could just go for on-wall variant of the ATCs. The HTC-7 I believe.

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Thanks guys. I am looking at a pair of N Sats. I could always get their custom wall mounts later if a pair comes up for sale.

I didn’t know about K&M. Is there a particular model you would recommend?
Looks like they have a bunch.

Funny you should mention ATC HTS 7. I already have a pair in the other system for this exact reason! Didn’t want to get another just on the logic that variety is the spice of life.

K&M have so many brackets you really need to choose speakers first and then find one that suits your needs. They even have ones that work with speakers without mounting holes. Like shelves that gently clamp the botton 1cm front to back of a speaker and allow for some safe downward tilting.And just loads of back plates. So it’s really a matter of picking speakers and then doing homework.

But for sure, on-wall speakers would be preferred. Designed for that, they should perform better. ATC are great but for variety, PMC Wafer or Audiovector, or Dali all make really well regarded models.

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