Walnut SBLs

Last week a close friend gave me his Walnut MK1 SBLs with MK2 drivers, they need cleaning up some new grills but overall in excellent condition gaskets are intact too!

Project for the New Year as the SBLs will replace the Allaes that are currently on the end of my CB Nait 2.


A very good friend!

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Now all you need for xmas is a house with solid walls? :slight_smile:

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They remain the best speakers I have heard. The latest Kudos etc may be better but at a price and, without a home demo, no way to be sure they would work in my room. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


An amazing friend. The improvement should be remarkable.

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Excellent. Tom Tom have all the set up kits and grills if you need them

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Hi, I’ve just done a pair of cherry SBLs and found the 2 tubes in the bottom box were loose as the silicon was past it, worth checking before assembling them. I managed to remove the old silicon and replace it without stripping the cabinet from the frame.


Thanks guys it should be an interesting comparison between the Allaes / SBLs especially with a Nait 2 / ND5XS2 at the helm.

More on this in the New Year as the kids playroom is full of Xmas decorations, tree etc.

That’s even more of a bargain than my second and current pair of SBLs, which I bought for a few hundred pounds. A pristine pair of teak mk2s, which might well be all the speaker I ever need. I hope they work for you as well as mine do for me. Edit. I’ve just looked at the original order and I think mine might be walnut and not teak. Anyway, i like them a lot.


Replacement grills despatched, SBLs cleaned and polished they look great.

Hopefully this weekend these will go live and replace the Allaes, fingers crossed :grin:

Once in place I will post a picture.

Come on Chris, be reasonable.

SBLs now up and running. I’m over the moon with the result visually and they sound excellent on the end of the Nait.

Allaes will be moving to a new setup (hopefully) later this year.


They look great.

Interesting that they sound good just powered by the Nait

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Thanks :blush:

Really easy to drive within the limits of the Nait, similar results with the Nait driving my SL2s.

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Nice setup. Those SBLs look very pale for walnut, perhaps it’s just the photos?

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Thanks Chris, it’s probably the light in this room or the age of the SBLs as these are MK1s with MK2 drivers the serial number 74xxx dates them 1991, not quite as old as the Nait 2 though (1988) hard to believe these are now over 30 years old!!

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They look like Cherry. Walnut has more brown. Both sound great.

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The pictures of walnut seem to have more variation in the grain. A bit stripy if you will.

I also read that Mk1s only came in black or walnut (which is odd given I have Mk1 beech ones). So who knows.

This is a picture I found of walnut. It looks quite similar to @HiFiman’s ones


Yes, I would have guessed at cherry or teak from the more orange colour, but with age and different finishes who knows what it could change to.