Want mp3s to show in separate folder

Maybe some of you can help me with an issue with the Core.

I have lots of music in wav format that i have uploaded to separate folders in the downloads folder. When i use the app it shows this music in the separate folder i set up; it does not show in the standard list of music in the Music folder. I like this because i can easily see what is in the Music vs Downloads folder.
However, i set up a folder in Downloads for my mp3s and loaded a few albums. In this case the app shows them along with all the music in the Music folder.

Why? I want to show them separately like my other downloads. Reason is mp3s sound lousy so i don’t want them integrated in the standard listing. They are also frequently much louder than the cd rips…which makes just casually selecting music that might be an mp3 a problem if you don’t want your ears blown off your head.

Does it do this because they are mp3 vs wav?
Is there any way to fix this?..to show them in the separate Downloads mp3 folder i put them in?

What you really need is a server that has a ‘folder view’ option. Naim servers cannot do this, although if you have a computer or NAS on your network you could run Minimserver on that and give it access to the Core library.
If you continue to use the Core server, it would still combine the MP3 and other files together, as would most UPnP servers. As a workaround to avoid this, you could put the MP3s on a USB drive which you can remove when you don’t want any nasty surprises.

If the MP3s sound lousy why put them there?

If its all you then as Chris says put just those in a network share someone the you can drill into network shares to see just those lousy sounds!

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If you’re keen not to mix them up they clearly aren’t part of your core music; I’d be tempted to use MP3Tag or similar and change the artist from e.g. Jason Donovan to MP3 Jason Donovan, to group them together that way.

I run Minimserver and the Naim app allows me to access folders. If I wanted to tag MP3s I would probably do this using the Genre tag.

Why do you have your mp3’s in a folder that’s indexed by the Core in the first place? Why do you want them showing up in your library at all, given the disadvantages of them that you listed?

I must say, if these MP3s were in my library I would be looking to replace them with lossless versions or finding them on a lossless streaming service like Qobuz or Tidal. Assuming they are available, of course.

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That’s where my brain went!

Guys thanks for the input. Just to clarify…the mp3s are free downloads included when i buy an LP. Most of the time i listen to the LP and the sound is amazing. Occasionally i am doing a late night digital listening session with the Core/Mojo and would like to listen to that music without cranking up the turntable. Yes they sound lousy but they don’t take up much space and for an occasional listen they are ok. The idea of the separate folder sounds like a lost cause, although the idea of prefixing them with ‘mp3’ to separate them from the rest is a clever idea. I’ll probably just delete them.
This is the first real annoyance with the Core i have run into…i have over 4,000 albums on mine split between the Music and Downloads folder and i love how it works and sounds.

In that case, I would stick with my suggestion to store the MP3s on a USB stick which you can temporarily attach to the Core. Then you can just remove it when not in use to prevent it from being a permanent part of your main library.

Why not give them an MP3 genre? That would keep them all together and you can still search by artist or album. I’m assuming here that the Core lets you add genres.

The idea of putting them on a usb stick sounds perfect to me. That’s what I’ll do.

It sounds like you’re longing for a “folder view” sort of your library, something the Core doesn’t support. Frankly, I know why people like folder-based sorting, but it’s pretty archaic and modern interfaces have freed themselves from it, at least that’s how they’re intended.

I don’t think the Core allows you to create genres.

I think that’s the simplest solution, although there may be a short delay while the Core scans the contents of the USB drive, which I think it will need to do each time you connect it.

Just tested a few mp3 albums on an old usb and it works perfectly. Core picks them right up. I’ll get a new 128gb usb and load it up.
Thanks everyone.

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