WANTED: Thom Jurek reviews in the Naim app

I’ve learned a lot about music - and discovered some of my favourite music - from Thom Jurek’s reviews.

He’s the Mohammed Ali, the Garry Kasparov, the JFK, the Greta Thunberg, the Miles Davis of music reviewers.

His reviews are often included in the Naim app as pop-up reviews.

(AFAIK many of these were originally published on AllMusic.com - and some are credited to /TiVO).

From what I’ve seen, Jurek only does reviews of musicians and music he loves, so anything he reviews I’m interested in listening to.

If you happen to spot reviews of artists or music by Thom Jurek in the Naim app, please drop a screen grab or the name of the music in this thread so that anyone who likes his reviews can locate them and discover new music.

As a starter, here’s one I found yesterday:

A quite long summary of Keith Jarrett’s work:

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