Warm running Nova…

My friend plays his nova very loud with big speakers. He uses a cable with the same construction type as NACA5 and has no overheating whatsoever. I’ll affirm the idea of the cables being the source of your issue.

The uniti’s definitely seem to get warmer than the classic stuff as a base line. My Atom seems to be warm to touch even when not in use. My NAP 200 is cold to touch even after hours of play!

I had the same experience when I first got my Nova, using the Audioquest cables I’d used on my old system. Cut out due to heat twice. Switched to NACA5 and haven’t had a problem since. Barely warm at most.

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I can make the 300 slightly warm to the touch without trying very hard. But as Richard said it seems to b more about the digital part, and I never caught the NDX2 being warm

When I moved the Nova into a new room as a second system, I used it on wireless. I noticed the temperature could fluctuate quite markedly even in standby (server mode off); getting very warm on occasions. There was no apparent reason for the fluctuation - it just sat there on standby and wasn’t in the sun. It had been fine as my main system previously which was always wired.

I also experienced some other issues so I then connected it via ethernet and since then the temperature has been cool and stable in standby and warm, but not hot, in use.

May be relevant?

I’m using my older more modest cables as I have them running underneath the floorboards. Does look like an upgrade could sort the issue out
. Thanks

It may be, but not to my case I reported above because the Nova is connected by Ethernet.

I thought at different times that it was because it was handling an analogue signal from my FM tuner and that tends to get left on 24/7, or that it was sitting paused on a playing queue from my UnitiCore. But it turns out that it’s not reliably related to anything at all. Just some days it runs hot and if you restart it, then it runs cool again.



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From my brief experience with the Nova, speaker cables may definitely help and the wifi working hard could also bring a slight issue, but it can go warmer and my guess is that it’s mostly a match to speakers issue as e.g. 4ohm speaker louder and especially for longer would heat it up, or even 8ohm speakers going below 6ohms for longer as well as it varies a lot and the nominal is not always helpful - not sure where the 926 sit in this regard in terms of fluctuation but suggest make sure this is ok first. Somehow the Nova is not always up to more current demand and needs good matching

Any particular reason why having it wired via Ethernet would cause it to run hot enough for it to shut itself down?

I’m not suggesting that Ethernet is causing anything. Just that it’s nothing to do with WiFi because I’m not using WiFi.

My Nova doesn’t shut itself down. I do that sometimes, but that’s just me not liking electronics to run too hot!


Yes… my legs remember that experience…

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