Warm speakers for naim atom

Hello,i am looking for a warm sounding pair of bookshelves to go with my atom,any suggestions welcome, cheers

Neat Iotas


The neat iota alphas are a really good match with Atom

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Hello,i have neat sx2 now and find them a bit clinical souding,need more body,more richness,maybe elac ubr62?

Another positive vote from me. “Warm” is such a subjective term, but the combo is certainly not dry or overly analytical.


They are, but they’re not bookshelves.


Dynaudio Emit and Evoke

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Dynaudio Emit 20
Fabulous Bookshelf Speaker

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I doubt these qualify for warm speakers though…

I recently bought a pair of Spendor 3/1 to go with my Nova, which has a little more power than the Atom, but I find then ‘warm’, so may well be worth considering.


What he said!

(or Sonus Faber Lumina I)

galaxy audio “hot spot monitors” - they should be warm , at the very least . :grinning:

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If you play music at high sound levels, near to clipping, the speaker drivers will get warm, or at least the bass one will (assuming there is a decent amount of bass in the music). I thought from the thread title that it was going to be about this, or otherwise querying if OK to have a speaker right next to a radiator!

Otherwise I struggle with understanding the notion of warm speakers, but I see from the opening post the what is wanted is warm shelves to put the speakers on…

As for “body and richness”, I think of that as a musical contribution, and can’t suggest speakers that would add them. If you want speakers that are not “analytical” do you mean you want speakers that smooth the sound or otherwise mask detail?

One should probably point out, as in all things HiFi, opinions may vary🤷🏻‍♂️

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Galaxy monitor “hot spot 7” - At the very least , they should be warm :laughing:

Spendor classic 4/5. Warm sounding bookshelf .
But that’s to my ears not necessarily yours.
Home demo essential for speakers.

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Maybe i am just used to arcam gear,i like the atom,the bass control is somet

Another thumbs up for Iotas. If they are on a bookshelf (i.e. up against the wall), then you might get some base boom owing to the rear port. You can “tune” the port by cutting up a decorator’s sponge, and plugging the rear port. Depending on much you fill it (and obviulsy don’t put the sponge so far into the port that it drops into the speaker box) you can alter the amuont of base.

If I were in your foots, I would try the Dali Menuets; I think they can be the bookshelves speakers that fit you, and they will surely surprise you, with a sound with a scale with a scale more typical of floorstanders. The new SE version is more analytical than the “normal” version, but they are still BBC LS3/5A type monitors with warm coloration sound, more than the Spendor 4/5 and much more than the ProAc Tablette 10 SE, which are eminently neutral.



plus 1 for Spendor with Naim. I use Spendor on a UQ2 (sometimes SU) - tried 7 different speakers, which I required to be wall mounted in dining room - auditioning almost impractical. Spendor stood out as soft sound, which may equal warm. Originally I had (I think) classic 4/5. When dealer shifted ex demo SA1s took over - still in situ. You didn’t mention if you intended to buy new, but on the usual auction site, a pair of Spendor SA2 are in Suffolk. I don’t know if these are similar to SA1, but s/h gives you the opportunity to try and move on if necessary.

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