"Warning Error Code 238" Uniti Nova

I would turn the power off, wait a few minutes and then let it reboot.

A way to look at this is that if you are going to take a Nova to a dealer, even if it’s in the next street, you will have to power it off and the first thing any dealer or even Naim service dept will do is power it up. So powering it off and restarting it yourself can’t possibly make things worse.



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Sound thinking, nicely put! Did that, all works fine. Will wait for Naim to reply to my email, which I sent last night having seen your recommendation to Willard. Big thanks to my repeat-helper, Gazza (couple of years ago) and of course to Sound Thinker.

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If it keeps doing this i would give your dealer a call to discuss, next steps, but hopefully it will be fine.

Well, I got my Uniti Nova back from the dealer this afternoon. It’s been with Naim the last 3 weeks because it was freezing up with error code 238. It did this about 8 times before I sent it off to them, so reset didn’t work for me.

When I picked it up from the dealer, I was told that Naim had made some modifications, so I was excited to get it home and try it out. Unfortunately after about 3 hours of use it froze up with the dreaded error code 238.

Looks like I’ll be getting back in touch with the dealer again tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Ask for a new unit, very strongly

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OK, so I’ve just spoken with Duncan at Naim Tech Support regarding warning error 238. He advised me to turn off ‘HDMI Auto Switching’ - you can find this in the Naim app under settings/input settings/HDMI. Apparently this has something to do with the annoying error 238 warning and turning it off should stop this happening.

He also told me that Naim are working on an update patch that should fix this issue and it will be released fairly soon.

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I noticed that when switching off via HDMI that my Nova does not enter deep sleep, where’s it used to do that all the time with the previous firmware.

I assume this is to do with HDMI ‘auto switching’ which was an option introduced in the last firmware update. For this to work, the Nova would have to be in ‘network standby’ rather than ‘deep sleep’ so that the TV can select it when it’s turned on. I haven’t looked, but if you disable auto switching, perhaps this will allow the Nova to go into deep sleep.

Just an update to my last post. Switching off ‘HDMI Auto Switching’ hasn’t stopped my Nova from freezing up with warning error code 238. Looks like another call to Naim in the morning.

Did ask today, then was told turning off ‘HDMI auto switching’ would solve problem until patch update, it didn’t! I’m not a happy bunny. Will definitely be calling Naim again tomorrow. Thanks Gazza.

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Literally just had this error on my Nova…playing Qobuz.

Very weird…and my remote has been somewhat unresponsive (it may need new batteries…but it isn’t behaving like it normally does when it needs new juice)

It’s not your batteries, the remote behaves like this until you power down the unit, then it comes back to life. Must be something to do with the 238 error code.

Same here. Changed batteries, but didnt need to. Last time remote became unresponsive, Naim app on iPhone still worked to adjust audio levels BUT would not put Nova into standby. Had to reboot. It’s been OK since, but - hasten the patch. HDMI involvement makes sense, as I was using Nova with broadcast/PVR at the time.

Did anybody know if Naim is working on solving this problem? It seems to be a software issue…

Yes, please my post above from March 4th.

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New member here and new Naim owner… have a Uniti Star since April 4th and have same issues post 3.4 firmware update. Error Code 238 and general unresponsiveness caused me to hard reset 5 times within first 6 days. Thought it was HDMI auto switching and turned that off and things seem more stable. Past 4 days, had to hard reset twice due to the error and each time, it’s triggered by using the remote to either switch input or advanced tracks while I was streaming either Tidal or Spotify. Once the code appears, I can get it to disappear by switching input to say HDMI again with phone app only (remote no longer works)… and back to Tidal/Spotify, but no more sound output and general unresponsiveness with the front panel buttons. The power button soft reset doesn’t work either… so hard reset by unplugging again. Seem like the remote is part of the issue. Have to say, star sounds pretty good but really buggy for a 2 year old product… has this always been the case for the Uniti series?

Hi and welcome @jimhwu.
I certainly didn’t have this warning code before the last “update” on either of my Novas, I thought Naim would have a fix by now but we are living/surviving in unusual times. I’m sure Naim will be on the case soon.


please see my post above from March 4th. AFAIK Naim are working on a solution, but in the meantime;