Warped vinyl

Are there any easy to do at home methods to take warps out of an lp?

I’ve just cleaned a friend’s, new to him, copy of Motorhead’s Over kill and it’s warped. Personally that could be a benefit, but he’ll not see it that way.

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There are some products out there which use 2 sheets of glass and apply modest heat.

There are some DIY treatments shown on YouTube, which do pretty much the same using a domestic oven and sheets of glass - obvious care and checking of specs needed.

Thanks. I do remember mentioning of 2 sheets of glass and a mildly warm oven. As in all things the key is the detail.
And I do know that our leader warned us against using a Corby trouser press!

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What HappyListener wrote. There are also some older forum threads about it.

However, given that it’s a cumbersome process, it seems to me that simply buying another copy is preferable in most cases. (And if it’s a collectible and replacement difficult, I’d be wary of trying in the first place)

Yes, this seemed a genius idea but I ended up waffling a couple of LPs…

Some online sellers offer a flattening service, using one of the costly devices specifically designed for purpose - either from Furutech or Orb. There’s also something called a Vinyl Flat which looks more like something to press flowers but may possibly work well…

It was a present for Xmas. Only £10, but marked up as a first edition. It’s findind the 2 bits of glass that are putting me off.
I guess they get warped being left proped against something in the sun? Could have happened yes ago, or proped against a warm radiator whist under the Xmas tree.

Anyway, as it was not mine I offered to try and fix it. Recognising that right now it’s not playable.

Sure, I understand that in some cases it may be worth a try, like in this one - it’s first edition and probably worth saving, but if the saving fails it’s not a disaster.

A machine exists that does the warming and flattening, and seems to work quite well (and safer than an oven) if I recall correctly from older threads. However I forgot the name. Also seem to recall that some hifi or vinyl dealers have one and offer it as a service

Edit: Seeing now that Richard already posted the info

I tried this with some success, on records for which I couldn’t (easily) obtain replacements:


I have an OJC copy of Etta Jones Don’t Go Talking to Strangers that is as warped as a salad bowl but sounds perfect on my Rega P8 I’ve thought about trying to flatten it but would be very upset if I ruined it trying so just look the other way when playing it.

We played Etta Jones at my Dad’s funeral service a couple of years back (‘Bye Bye Blackbird’, which is, I think, from that album? - though we used a digital version!).

Yes it’s a great record.

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