Warranty service for closed dealer

If the dealer closes after I buy a Naim product (i.e. Uniti Star), how does warranty service work? I’m in Vancouver, BC, CANADA


You’ll want to reach out directly to Focal-Naim America:

Often dealers will keep the business email address active to help transition customers to other dealers or deal with support issues. Although the physical shop is gone, have you confirmed that they are no longer reachable via email?

Any Naim Dealer in the province can assist you.
It would be in there best interest as well to gain you as a customer.

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Not the OP, but one of the two NAIM dealers in town is retiring/shutting down his business so they will be inaccessible as of spring.

@parksung , there is another NAIM Classic dealer in Vancouver BC other than Pat’s, so you’re not totally out of luck locally.

However, I dealt with Focal Naim directly for service on my SuperNAIT 1 (re-cap) and it was a very smooth process.

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It is very unfortunate you are losing your dealer, @parksung. But I will add my voice to those noting that dealing directly with Focal Naim America is great. They are located in Montreal which is very convenient for Canadian customers. Very responsive customer service and good to deal with if you choose not to go through a local dealer.

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Naim/Focal Canada are very responsive. Michel is a great guy and they offer exemplary customer service.

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Excellent, glad the cost of a Naim equates to the quality and availability of service they offer. Thanks, everyone.


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