I have an interest in watches, apart from hifi.

Using my panerai luminor base 000 from 2002 daily.

What are you guys wearing?


A circa 1977 LCD that I got for Christmas as 11 year old. :smile:


Vintage Breitling like the one in this picture - worn daily and still keeps great time


Omega Speedmaster Professional - in use almost every day, but I have other watches too.




Indeed :slight_smile: It was a boyhood dream to one day have my own speedmaster and I said to myself that I had to have that watch. I’ve had it for many years now and it’s regularly serviced. I really like it as it’s not a gaudy blingy piece of jewelry but rather a sober and understated wrist watch. And it keeps good time too.


I have a strong dislike of chunky watches - for me they must be slim - and I don’t like ostentatious watches. So for me Rolex is out, as indeed are the vast majority of “fashionable” watches. Amongst others I have an Ebel (quite a few years old now, subtle elegance with gold on the butting faces of the wave-shaped silver bracelet links), a Coinwatch, with a florin from my birth year, and a titanium Skagen.

The latter two are worn most -as you can tell from the pics! I reserve the Ebel for non-work and definitely non-DIY activities!




Mine’s identical to this. Bought new, I’ve worn it 24/7 for about 17 years apart from a period of a few days when it was serviced a few years ago. It’s been perfect…


I have a Nomos Tangente and an Omega Seamaster.


A true classic.


I gave up on wearing watches decades ago, none of them ever worked for long on my wrist. Being a persistent type I would be watchless for a while, decide I wanted another and hand over my money, The last attempt of watch wearing resulted in the purchase going back to be fixed over half a dozen times under warranty, the shop and manufacturer could not undertand why it kept failing, replacing it twice with the same model and then finally giving me a different and more expensive model which also stopped working, so they gave me my money back. I gave up after this . This was from traditional wind up watches through to digital and later quartz watches. Prior to mobile phones I became very good at noticing clocks around me and judging the time.


My wife has this. It is absolutely gorgeous. She was shopping for a bloody Rolex (influence of a friend). I had to sprint from the office to the store to set her straight.


A 1991 Seiko Lady’s diver watch which obviously had seen much more yard work than water.


Funny never really been a watch person until I got a bit of tax back after retiring last year and I thought Steve McQueen Le Mans and bought the Heuer Monaco. Just love it…


I love to see a simple classic gentleman’s watch :blush:


I’m not a watch aficionado by any means but i do like to wear a nice watch. A Tag Classic Multigraph, Breitling Chrono Colt, Sinn 656 and a classic Casio digital watch keep me happy. More recently, an Omega Speedmaster, inherited from my late Dad, has become a nice addition to my little collection.

#19 I bought one of these (it was a genuine TAG, anyway) from a friendly little man in Patpong Market, Bangkok. A real bargain! Or so I thought. Bloody thing had stopped working by the time I got back to Blighty. A disgraceful con - no wonder we won the War!


You’ll never get those back in…:wink:


Bit of a cliche, I guess, but a career as an oilfield diver meant that there could only ever be one choice.

Mind you, I think it stands up anyway, as a classic timepiece.