Ah - that explains your user name on the pink forum… :sunglasses:


i like these ones:

The Hublot ferrari watch is nice and original, to my eyes of course. Not very expensive, just more than full naim statement amp and pre…:laughing:


Good spot, James … yes, once the years started catching up on me, I made the sideways move into diving of a robotic nature … much easier and safer. :relaxed:


Kudos to you Dave, that’s a pretty cool job (and a very nice watch !)


A few images on some of my watches in their case. Not great pictures, but gives a flavour for some of my wrist wear

And this is my most recent addition. A gift from my son on his return from Dubai


An Oris BC3 7500, bought in 2002 in Hong Kong as a 40th birthday present to myself…

It’s a lovely fully mechanical Swiss piltot’s watch, simple and masculine. It has the added advantage of being a fairly obscure make, so any thieves or muggers might pass it by :sunglasses:

By a weird coincidence, the rubber strap broke today so I’ll need to get a new one.


I like “tool” watches, particularly divers. Even though I’ve never gone much beyond snorkelling or a swim in the sea at Camber with one of them on my wrist, it’s reassuring to know that if I ever did find myself at 200 metres under the sea, while I likely wouldn’t be in such good shape, my watch will be just fine…

Although a Seiko Turtle is my usual daily ‘beater’, this Tudor I still like the most…


i had this lapizta watch for a couple of years, but sold it recently. A bit heavy. image


Oh, wouldn’t fancy a swop?.
Been looking for that watch


Prized from my cold dead wrist that will be.



Did you use this watch diving in oilfieds?


'Fraid not, as most diving operations are run from dive control on the surface, so there was no need for the diver to be wearing a watch, regardless of Rolex’s advertising over the years.

I did do some diving in scuba in the Middle East, where a watch was needed, but there was no way this little chap was going over the side on my wrist … no, a cheap and cheerful Casio was plenty good enough. :+1::+1:

So, a Submariner is simply a self indulgent treat for most divers.


I have an Omega Speedmaster "moonwatch" (cal 1861) that I bought new in 2003 (I remember the MSRP was £1500 and I beat them down to £1350). I have had it serviced a couple of times, and the last time I had it done, the tacymeter bezel needed replacing and that part alone was £200! The bezel is easy to bash on things and the old one had chunks knocked out of it, so I have been more careful with it now I know how much it costs! Conversely, the glass is actually plastic and that part is about a tenner.

Mine is on an 1171 bracelet, which I bought in about 2009. This is a modern Omega reissue of the bracelet Speedmasters came on in the the 1970s and even though it is cheaply made, I prefer it to the bracelet that came with the Speedmaster when I bought it because i think the contemporary factory bracelet is a bit blingy. The pic below is from the internet and I think this is an 1171 bracelet.


I think we had a similar thread on the old forum - I don’t often bother with a watch, but I do occasionally wear my grandad’s Tudor, which he bought in 1949, and still works fine.


Omega Seamaster, for many, many years my daily watch … never felt a need to upgrade :smiley:


My dream watch but hifi / music keeps taking my money. :joy::joy:



I have 4 or 5 watches that I rotate.

I have 2 Seiko Divers watches. One with the Pepsi Bezel and 1 with a Black Bezel which I haven’t worn yet.

The Tag Heur I got for nothing from a friend who worked for them at the production factory however it needs a good service.

Currently wearing the Citizen to the Office.


Not fancy, not even pretty even at 20 years plus, but it does keep reasonable time at +3secs every fortnight.

I might be tempted by one of those Longines VHPs.


Think I had one version of these


I used to wear this occasionally up until a couple of years ago. I lent it to my son to wear at his wedding, a couple of years ago.

He hasn’t given it back yet. :running_man: