Tag Heuer is swiss, so, huh, to which war are you refering to? Besides, I question a little the authenticity of this watch, whatever you have been told …


Nice watches ewemon, keep that Heuer preciously as it is a pre-Tag and could acquire value in the near future. It look like a from the 1982-1983 series but I have never seen one with arabic indices.


I’ve not worn a watch in over 40 years. Been late for 1 meeting in my working life and that was in someone else. Everyone I’ve ever seen late to anything for some reason is wearing a watch. I’ve always tended to the view that watches are potentially miniature things of beauty but they largely serve no purpose.


Made in Henley-on-Thames & seems to keep reasonable time even though I’m invariably late for meetings.

For more details have a look HERE (click) if interested.


Sublime watches :+1::+1:


No, really it’s a CLASSIC. Every collection should have one :slight_smile: I have the 50th anniversary submariner, the “Kermit”


A few of my favorites, from my “blue” phase.


I have a look on certain sites to see what it is worth on ocassion and always amazed that if I paid the price it was when it came out, that’s what I would be paying secondhand for it today.


Yes, but it’s sort of Germanic, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m convinced the watch was A1 genuine. I mean, who’d be daft enough to stump up the thick end of $8 on a fake? Obviously a dealer of some repute, to also have a selection of exclusive watches from Rolex, Omega and Breitling.


I am a fan of mechanical watches from Rolex and wear the two below ones


This is my everyday watch. Its actually my only watch and I really like that the subtleness of the design (goes with everything) and the brand (flies under the radar of everyone bar another watch geek)

Its a Geophysic 1958 reissue and has a really interesting back story


The Mk Xii has an IWC adapted Jaeger Le Coultre movement.



Hi-fi: purpose - to reproduce music. In general, the more one spends, the better the quality of sound reproduction. This I get.

Watches: purpose - to tell the time. In general, the more one spends…?
Does the watch tell the time better? This I don’t get!


Give it time.



Yes, and its a great movement.
Unfortunatly I think its a bit to small, its 38mm?
The Mark XI tribute is 40mm


I had onte in the past, but it gave me no pleasure.
At that point in time i was, as even now looking for something larger.
However a 5518 I could do with





I’m splitting hairs but its 38.5mm, i do find it wears really well though and i don’t have a big wrist.

I had a Daytona for a while but found i didn’t wear it once i had this, having wanted the Rolex for sooooooo long this was a little disapointing but at the same time i enjoy wearing this so much more, partly due to the understated looks


I have a Rolex Submariner in blue about 8 years old. A bit flash I know. I think the Naim Forum may have saved me the thick end of £600 as this is the starting point from an authorised dealer to carry out a service.
It was becoming increasingly difficult to adjust time and date as the crown wheel refused to pull fully out to reset. Been stuck in a drawer with a personal memo to myself to get it fixed.
So, I thought this morning lets have one more go without any chance of success?
Well, its been going now for half an hour with no difficulty in resetting it at all. Fingers crossed.!


Lovely - and on a totally different level of horology.