I have one of these, for rare occasions when I wear a waistcoat. Purely because when I saw one online it was interesting:


nice !


it is 12h or 6h on your watch? 12h i feel…


This is the best watch I have ever owned. It is self winding and has a perpetual movement. The large sweep hand makes it good for taking pulses in my job, and the clear date keeps me orientated in time and place. Dad has a basic stainless Rolex, which presumably I will inherit one day, but he thinks my watch is pretty flash.


Not me Monsr Rooster - I’m strictly an Apple Watch boy! I do have a couple of old school Seiko Kinetics, and was once tempted by a Grand Seiko Chronograph, but fortunately came to my senses when I saw the price (c.£12,000!).


I have a number of Longines watches but this one is my daily wear and has been for a number of years now … Keeps excellent time … and feels very comfortable …

This model is the Longines Clous De Paris




That was bang on 18:00 this evening. Here it is at 8:03:


Rolex Daytona


i read 12h40. If i have one of this kind, it will take me a certain time to accommodate myself…


@Mot2, what vintage is your watch and did you have to wait long in a waiting list for one?

ATB. George


No date submariner like the one above. I bought it 25 years ago and I had to work a lot of overtime to get it. I didn’t wear it for work as I was frightened I would damage it on the machinery so I opted for the no date version as I couldn’t be bothered changing the date all the time. It came in a nice green box with certificate and an anchor. :sunglasses:


This watch was given to my paternal grandfather for his 25 years service to the company that he worked for. I’m guessing from the design that it was somewhere in the early 60s ? It’s engraved on the back with his name (and of course mine too), the company name and “Quarter Century Club”.
I should wear it more often but I worry about damage and it most definitely isn’t waterproof. I had it restored about 20 years ago as the dial had water damage and there was a hint of rust on the blued steel hands.


I have 3 Seiko watches for daily use as well as my 1977 LCD. Oh and a retro (1980s look) Casio.

And a couple of antique clocks too. The 18th Century long case clock is a 30 day movement wound with a rope and a 9lb weight :slight_smile:


Just needs light and occasional access to the radio signal, 5 years of service so far, replaced a Junghans mega solar.


Ceramic case and strap, solar and radio controlled, 15year old German tech.


The white line is the minute hand, the other colour boundary without a line is the hour hand. Just like on a standard analogue watch or clock the minute hand is the dominant one - it seems straightforward enough to me (and of course you usually have an idea as to whether the time is close to 6 or to 12 etc!)


ok, very clear now.


My private collection…:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


in my dream of course


Rado Green Horse automatic from the early 1960s. It’s not a watch that I own but one I would like to obtain for sentimental reasons as it was the watch my father (now passed away) used daily for over 30 years. Its refreshing simplicity is appealing.