Very good… although it took me a moment to get it. I hope it’s not a warning sign of impending loss of humour.



This is my dive watch - but gets more usage sailing nowadays …

This is my “dressing up” watch - rarely worn …

If I were to buy another watch, it would one of these …


The 14060?



I have a steel one like this too (actually both are date versions). just a bit different yet great value at £900. Both have been very reliable and I wear them every day except for sport. This bronze version has a nice patina now. Check out, they have some other interesting german brands too.




But you wouldn’t be able to tell how long.


For some reason the photo of my watch (from the manufacturer website) does not show the brand. It is an Archimede. My watches certainly have them printed on the face!


I love this one, but it is too expensive…


What I wore until recently. Had it for many years, keeps excellent time, no batteries, no clockwork to wind. Tough as old boots, just wear and forget. Me like Seiko.

For family occasions, I wear my dad’s old Blancpain.

These days, I wear the Apple Watch my son supplied. It keeps telling me to stand up and breathe, and you’ve got to charge it every day, but I can pay for my Werther’s Originals with it.


My father always liked watches, but in his own words, as a true Yorkshireman, could never justify the cost of a Rolex. When he died in 2009, I spent the cash he left me on a Sub, which I wear most of the time. As well as a reminder of him, it’s something that I’ll be able to leave to my son in due course.

I also now have and IWC

and a Longines


These days - quite a selling point.

Now - what’s boiling?


Is the Legend as nice as I’m inclined to think?


I’ve had the Legend Diver for around a year now, and really like it. Very practical as it’s fairly thin and light, is water resistant to 30 bar (from memory) and looks good on a variety of straps from vintage leather to Nato.


I rather like the earlier Rados, especially the Green Horse. However, I’m a little wary as I’ve been told it’s a risky secondhand purchase because of how many frankensteins are around.

For many years I wore a rather interesting late '60s square Tungsten carbide faced Rado Diamaster - anyone who knew me when I worked at the Naim factory may well recall that rather chunky but very shiny watch hanging off my wrist. Sadly I ruined it. It was running poorly so I had just had the mechanism completely restored by a very good local watch repairer. I was out in Malta in Valetta harbour and dived into the water. It was a few minutes before I suddenly remembered the watch repairers advice - that the crown seal was still original as he was having difficulty locating a suitable new replacement, and so he advised I not use it under water for the time being. Sure enough, the glass soon steamed up and although I flew back to the Uk the next day and rushed it in to his shop, when we opened it up… it was wrecked. According to him, it was beyond economic repair, although he did say he would look out for a suitable Schild (sp?) caliber for it. He probably still has it…


Hi Richard, thanks for the tip about trying to buy a good vintage Rado (I’ll keep looking) and sorry to hear that your own one met with a premature end. IIRC, Rado had a clear upgrade route (sound familiar?!). Owners would start off with the Seahorse range progressing through the colour hierarchy of Green, Red, Purple, Silver(?) and Gold. Of course, if you were minted you then went onto the ‘Castle’ range which included the Blue Castle, possibly other colours, ultimately reaching the Gold Castle! Don’t hear much about the brand these days… another company that has seen better days unfortunately.


Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 47 Automatik B-Muster


In situ



In the interests of fairness, and as a contrast to all these chunky bloke’s watches posted thus far, (mine included ^^^^^), here’s a couple of timepieces worn by my better half.

Raymond Weil Othello.

Allegedly the slimmest watch ever made, though long since out of production, and recently revived with a new RW movement.

Rado Integral Jubile Black Ceramic

Again, a very slim watch, with a certain understated style, IMHO.


I used to have a Panerai Luminor base but for some reason decided to sell it a couple of years ago. A decision i regret, i hope i will be able to buy one again at some point.

I am now the proud owner of two Bremont watches, an ALT1-C and a Supermarine. I am surprised there arent more Bremont owners on here… Shame, they are great watches.


Bremont’s. Lovely watches and a great story behind them and how they got their name.


Always liked Chronograph watches and had some Edifice models but when I found out about the Casio Oceanus range I realised I had found my ideal watch. Built on a separate production line to a higher standard and incredibly light as it is made of Titanium, and the fact that it is solar powered meaning no battery changes plus radio signal receiver, setting itself from one of the worlds six Atomic clocks, ticked all my boxes. And personally I love the look.

Japan only, so had to import it but it was only around £800 so not crazy expensive

Anyway first post - just joined, because I am researching a Uniti Atom, to replace my Yamaha AV amp, because having had high end HiFi in the past, I want better 2.1 sound quality

All the best