Amazing value!


My watch is a Jaeger Lecoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar. Had it for about 3 years now.



Is the magnifier/loupe an official watch attachment, for people who can only see the hour hand? :blush:


nice one.
I hade the 9300 seamaster co axial, that were introduced along the bond film spectre.
Unfortunatly not the spectre version. Regretting not buying that one, when my dealer had one avalible.


Does anyone own a Grand Seiko (the only ‘superwatch’ I’ve ever been tempted to buy)?


After a good decade of buying around a dozen watches, between £500 and £1250, i went smart watch and never looked back. I do miss my Philip Stein (Natural Freq tech).

I gave up spending allot of money replacing batteries whilst ALL the mechanical watches just sit cased up in the drawer.

Currently have the Samsung Galaxy Gear - had all the prior GENs, this is the best (though i do miss the camera), 5 easy days battery life (24/7), all my sleep, fitness, stress stats, WhatsApp, Email, Hive, Connect Car, Samsung Smart Things, Arlo Smart camera notifications, then linked to Outlook, eBay, Amazon, Class Dojo …

All means less time on the phone, more time glancing important info.
Though i always had my eye on a panerai luminor


You have a wonderful Bremont watch - they are absolutely superb IMO.


Indeed, the Bremont Supermarine is rather lovely. I’d rather like one in the 40mm case.


My last acquisition, a Certina DS PH200M diver watch (re-edition) :

MArco :tophat:


I mentioned watches on another thread and so here is what I am wearing today. I do muck about with watches and dont tend to hold them for very long … I have had this just over a year. Also have a batman and green glass. I really like Jaegers and would like a duometre, but not sure I could get on with a hand wound.


That’s a class watch. A real beauty


My grandfather’s heritage._DSC1449


This is one of my favourite purchases from last few years.


This is my daily work horse with the touch sensitive screen


Err, that’s a cup of coffee


Is this the same Rockingdoc that graced the previous forums with a pair of Wilson System V speakers ?



Here’s my Ski watch, just out and being prepped for next weeks session.

[Uploading: image


This is the sort of thing I’ve had in mind for a few weeks. I won’t buy via the internet and not stocked nearby yet so I won’t move until I have tried.

Looks are a matter of personal preference (I haven’t used the word “taste” - because I don’t have any, according to Mrs D), but the functionality fits the bill.