WAV files from Quboz or PC ripped no metadata

Hi, I have been using a NAS drive with my Uniti 2 for about 5 years. When I started ripping I had access to a Unitiserve so all of the metadata was embedded. I am now ripping my CDs using a MacBook or downloading from Quboz but no album covers when using the Naim app. Is there a simple way to fix this eg. An app that could add the metadata?

You should have a look at the files in a metadata editor, or even just navigate to then on a computer, and see what metadata and artwork is there. It may be that there is no album art included, or that it’s in an incompatible format.
Alternatively it could be that the server on your NAS hasn’t finished scanning the new files properly. You may be able to tell it to rescan your music folder.
I find Qobuz downloads to be particularly erratic when it comes to metadata. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s non-existent.

Ditto, I e-mailed them, not complaining but trying to help. All I got was a brusque reply telling me WAV does not carry metadata. I pointed out it does & how it does it & that they used to attach it correctly. Their reply told me I was wrong (!! ??)
Now Qobuz is my last port of call for hi-res files.
However as a lot of other vendors no longer offer WAV, I bit the bullet & converted my WAV collection to FLAC, easy to do with dBpoweramp batch convert, although it does take a number of hours to run the process.
Now I transcode FLAC via Asset UPnP & that feeds the Naim a WAV stream.

I am slightly confused what Qobuz do to metadata in WAV downloads. It seems to have none, but WAV files downloaded from Qobuz seem to lock up mp3tag and I get eventually get a file can’t be written error. Ddpoweramp seems to have more success, but takes a long time to save the edit, so that it is a really tedious process. On the occasions I buy from Qobuz I download in FLAC, it isn’t worth the hassle to get the WAV files. I forgot when I downloaded the Gregson and Collister recently, it was so painful that I just got the FLAC instead.

A year or more ago, Qobuz attached metadata correctly to WAV, since then they are all over the place, some with none, some with missing, sometimes all OK.
See my post above.

I saw your post Mike, what confuses me is why Qobuz downloads and only Qobuz downloads seem to be resistant to metadata editing by mp3tag. I’d be happy to add metadata using mp3tag’s scripting to get the title from the file name and bulk changing album, artist, genre, cover with the same app, but whatever the file contains makes that impossible.

I’ve never had a problem editing a Qobuz & I too invariably use Mp3Tag.
So I’m sorry but its hard to help when I haven’t seen the same problem.

No problem Mike, I’m not really looking for help, just venting, I work around it by using FLAC.

Nothing wrong with a good vent, ”where ere ye be, let yer wind gang free”

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