Wav to Flac conversion

Cheers, Nigel,

I had thought it best to let the HDX to get on with things, rather than confuse the poor old thing with multitasking, but I guess you’re right, as long as I stay away from the file undergoing conversion?

Please excuse my very evident lack of knowledge of all things computery!

Dave, also remember the old adage…’a watched compooter never completes the conversion’.

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And there’s absolutely nowt on 't telly. :laughing:


If i lived nearby i would have liked to come around and watched too…nuffin on telly😁

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I have a faint recollection that you might stall the conversion process if you play an album, then it reaches the front of the queue. Fairly unlikely, but to be safe only play the converted files.

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Yes, I’ve decided to just leave the HDX to get on with the task in hand, just in case.

Thank goodness for Tidal and Radio 6Music.

I’m using minimserver on a Qnap, into my Qute, so perhaps my technology is a bit old, but if you have any suggestions, that would be gratefully received.

Is it an old QNAP? That’s the same setup as I have but my NAS is a recent Celeron powered unit so perhaps your NAS doesn’t have enough processing power to transcode gapless?

Yes, it is a TS212, which I bought with my Qute, so about 8 years old.

I looked on the MinimServer forum and there was someone asking about this same problem. They had the same Qnap 212 - maybe it was you… and it seems the nas is too weedy to transcode fast enough to enable gapless as well as transcoding.

When I used Minim it transcoded and did gapless quite happily. Maybe it’s time for a new Qnap. It might be worth looking at Asset too - it’s easier to use and doesn’t need that irritating Minim Watch to make it work.

That was good of you to look and some good detective work, yes it was me. I posted it here in case someone knew of a solution, but it certainly looks as though it is my hardware.
I does play gapless albums if I keep it in flac, so a bit of a play-off, until I invest in a new nas. It does all seem to work otherwise, touch wood, so reluctant to disturb it all when I read some of the other posts.

Thanks very much for the tips, which I will investigate.

Is there a tag generated in Asset for ‘date added to library?’ There is in Roon, so that editing does not screw up the “newly added” list.

Asset seems to use the date stamp of the file to detect changes.

MP3tag has a setting that allows the file modification time to be maintained when making an edit which stops Asset from identifying a change as a new album.

Hot off the presses … the ancient HDX is still plodding on with the WAV to FLAC conversion, which I started on Sunday at 13.00 … and we’re now up to the letter “K” in artist view … gripping stuff, or what?

Tidal and Radio 6Music have never sounded so good.


Dave. I did about 1000 albums on my HDX in preparation of moving to NDX. As you note it seems to plod along alphabetically but, after I got to what appeared to be half way through, suddenly it completed the task.

There is hope!


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

I did have a listen to a couple of albums transcoded back to WAV, and they sounded exactly the same as the original WAVs, and it does make more sense to have them in FLAC on my Synology NAS, where they are useable, either played straight from the NAS, or to load up any possible future HDX server replacement.


Oh well…more BBQ time…no weather complaints now😉

BBQ time?

Ur ye mad, it’s absolutely persisting it down, here in sunny Yorkshire! :grin:

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God’s own country, you are blessed my son :grin:

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How big a library? I’ve recently converted my c.11k FLAC tracks library to mp3 for use in the car and that took 9 hours on a fairly fast PC