Wayne Rainey Rides Again

Just found this in the current issue of “Bike” magazine.
I’ve seen interviews with Wayne before and he comes across as a nice guy. This was a very emotional ride for him.


Good find and thanks for the post. He looked as if he was getting up a fair turn of speed, certainly a decent angle of dangle. Obviously a racer never loses it.

I was at Donington for his final UK race. Rainey was injured in practice and Schwantz, the championship leader, had a broken hand. Luca Cadalora, Rainey’s teammate, won which didn’t win him many friends at Yamaha. It was just two races before the accident which left Rainey paralysed. It was a great race to be at.

I thought I remembered this as the year I actually rode the circuit in between races (with many others on Triumphs I might add) but on reflection I think that was 1994.

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