Ways to Pronounce UK Place Names

I was Zoom chatting with a buddy from USA helping to plan his 2 month tour of UK (hopefully) next year.
We got into UK pronunciations & it left him somewhat bemused.
It started off with food & he mentioned Worcestershire Sauce.
No its not Wor-ces-ter-sheer & its pronounced Woos-ter-sher & specific to the sauce its normally just Woos-ter Sauce

So, jus fer fun, do you have local places that are pronounced differently to how they’re spelt
In Oxford = Oxfurd, we have a college & bridge called Magdalen thats pronounced ‘Maudlin’
The River Thames is ‘Temz’, but its actually the River Isis from its source until it joins the River Thame at Dorchester
Bicester = Bister
Chipping Norton is locally called Chippy.
Near me on the Bucks border is Worminghall = ‘Wornal’ or ‘Wunnle’
And my pet BBC grrr from my old home area, Bisham = Bisum (its the hamlet of Bis dumbo’s)

Anyhowz, wots your local pronunciation quirks??

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Used to live in North Bedfordshire (someone has to). Nearby was Flitwick - Flittick. Now in North Yorks. Nearby is Appletreewick - Aptrick :thinking:.

I could go on. :grinning:

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Some I know in the wider area around me are:

Brewood = Brood
Caldmore = Carma
Wightwick = Wittick

In Norfolk we have many but best to me is
Wymondham… pronounced windhum
Happisburgh ., pronounce haysbruh!

Norfolk n good!

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Also pronounced Splosh, with its steady disappearance into the sea. Pub regulars there were full of doom & gloom when we were there last year.

Wymondham: Windum.

One of my favourites is the Vale of Belvoir.

How we get Beaver, beats me !

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Near me and one of our other posters.

Lympne - limb as in arm and leg and a few miles away Dymchurch - Dim-church

I was at a concert a years or ago Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses in Folkestone and she said we just played in Norfolk last night and they pronounce that Nor-fuk so is here Fuk-stone and I thought yes it probably is!


Maybe it’s a Jock thing, but Milngavie is actually Mulguy, and, of course, Glasgow is really Glesca. :man_shrugging:

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Should have checked autocorrect! Ta

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And a church known as ChCh?

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A town where my Mother was born, between Coventry and Nuneaton -

Bedworth - Bed’uth

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Ah - apologies, I missed yours and just threw it in as an afterthought. Not meant as a correction at all.

See also Tamuth, aka Tamworth, just up the road.


With a back story - my grandfather’s 14th birthday present to mum was a letter telling school she was leaving to start work. She became a ledger/invoice clerk at Mitchells Diadem Flour. She told how her favourite address to type was Woolfardisworthy, pronounced Woolsery. When I was six we went on holiday to Woolacombe and my grandfather had to drive to Woolsery so she could see it.

Although referred to as Bristolian, I was born 100 yards outside the city border, my birth certificate shows Mangotsfield U D. That of course is Mangusfeel.

There was always a pet hate with the BBC whose directory of place names insisted that Stroud in Gloucestershire is pronounced strood, not Strowd.

When taught to address envelopes at school, Bath was always shown as Bath, near Bristol. But you can pronounce it Baff, Barf or Baaaaath.

Ah - I was going to mention Woolsery. Did you know that there are two of them?

Not UK but here in France
Soy yaw?
So yox?

Nope, Sway O.

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Beaulieu - Bewly
Haverhill - hayvrill
Widemouth - Widmuth
Widecombe - Widicum
Alnwick - Annick
Frome - Froom
Ballachulish - Balahoolish
Ynysybwl - An-is-abull
Loughborough - Lufbruh
Gosh - could be here all day, hardly scratched the surface.


There is an Estate Agent down here that is called Belvoir. I can’t think they knew how it was pronounced otherwise they might have not gone with the slogan “Go with Belvoir” in the side of their cars, especially one I saw driven by a lady.

You beat me too it.
And having to spell where I live, the reaction is always the same.
Limp knee? No Lympne as in limb.

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Banbury= Banburbury😁