WD mycloud or Synology DS918

Hi I currently use the WD Mycloud drive via Roon…and it is very good…would I get better quality via the Synology DS918 any thoughts???

Depends what you mean by better quality.

In order to answer your question I think we need a little bit more information about the overall configuration of your set up. Where is your Roon Core located and how do you connect your Roon Core to your WD Drive (USB)?

Just had a look at the price of the Synology DS918+ - it is very expensive and as far as I can see only available as a 4 bay NAS! I doubt very much if there would be a difference in sound quality (let alone a significant difference), and it appears that a 4 bay NAS of this capability is way over the top for your current requirements.

Hi I use it for big storage and security system. Both nas wire into a 3750 Cisco and then into my house…

In terms of sound quality, I don’t think so.

What WD MyCloud & what HDD TB capacity do you have with it? and what do you hope a Synology DS918 will add to whatever the WD MyCloud has?.

As Hmack says it will not give much if anything in the sound quality area.
It will however bring a lot more in CPU power & packaged systems for security & business, but do you really want all that?, but more CPU does not mean better sound.
A 4 bay adds a lot of cost, and apart from more RAID (HDD security) options & maybe some capacity possibilities, not much else. So why 4 bay?
The Synology does enable you to have better choices for DLNA/UPnP software packages such as Asset & Minimserver, while these do not change anything in the sound quality area they do add a significantly better user experience to browsing & playing. But if you are already using Roon, you don’t need them.

I was considering running roon on the synology…but I think it may stress the Celeron 4 core processor out…at the moment I use it on a 2 core i7 nuc … does anybody use a synology to run roon…
If there is no difference in sound quality it comes down to convenience…

I run Roon Core on a Synology 918+, which has been upgraded to the 8MB memory limit. I have the database on a spinning internal drive, not on an SSD, and it is fine for my rather modest needs (a few hundred titles in library, local rips and Tidal favourites). I use no DSP or other more intensive processing features. It sits quietly in the background on a low power always-on machine, which suits me fine so far. Recommended if your use case is similar. More powerful boxes offer faster access and fancier features for sure, but the 918+ with 8MB RAM is functional in my experience.

Regards alan

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