Web Outlook issues with Safari

Just recently I’ve started to experience an oddity using web Outlook for email on my Macs running Safari (15.6.1). The issue is that if I can no longer input anything into the web address. I can reply to an existing email, but cannot enter any additional address for CC’ing. Click on the appropriate space to enter and no cursor. A quick search shows that I’m not alone in this, and just wondered whether anyone else here had experienced it and found a solution. If not, I may need to change to a different browser…

I have not experienced any problems with Mac mini M1 running safari 16.1. Maybe an update to safari will fix it.

Earlier this year I moved from Safari to Chrome; I find the latter more stable.

I’m on Catalina, which is as far as I can go without patching. Safari is as up to date as I can get it.

Just downloaded Chrome onto one of the MBPs and Outlook is working fine - in fact overall rather better than on Safari, and a relief to see that the address cursor is working OK too.


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