Webcam recommendations?

Hi folks - Any recommendations for a cheap webcam for Lifesize, other video conferencing use ? A quick glance at Amazon shows all sorts of prices - Logitech at the high end down to brands i’ve never heard off at the £20 - 30 mark. As long as the other end can see me and hear me then that’s all that matters. Studio quality not required !


I bought a Logitech HD C615 at the start of the year, and have been happy with it. A quick search shows that they’re hard to come by because of high demand, but I would say anything from the Logitech HD range should fit the bill. Prices from around £40 on the river.

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Cheers for that. Looks like the world and his dog are buying webcams (not surprisingly) so i ended up ordering a Logitech C310 which looks like it should do the job.


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I recently bought a logitech webcam. Windows really struggled with the drivers and I was stumped for several hours. My way around it was to use the Windows generic USB webcam driver which worked a treat.

I bought a Logitech webcam about 10 to 14 years ago. It works well on the Mac Pro and gives a superb image compared to the image provided by the camera built into the screen. The image has detail and good colour.

Thanks all. The C310 arrived promptly and was really just plug and play. Video quality is markedly improved, especially in lower light conditions And is much better than the laptop camera. Built in mic is decent too. Lockdown part 2 here we come… :frowning:

My wife uses a Logitech C 920. No complaints from the punters so far.

I daren’t ask !

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