Weird behaviour with volume controls on atom


I have an issue with the volume control of my atom on a regularly basis:

I like to use the different control methods of the atom: The wheel on the device itself, my iPad, the iPhone, and the remote control.

Very often it seems that the volume information between all devices a not in sync. Very hard to explain what I mean. But here is an example:
Let’s say the atom is playing at volume-setting of 40 which is a normal room volume for me. (My maximum volume is set to 80.) Then I am rising the volume with the remote to 60 which is loud. And after some time am reducing the volume back to 40 (again with the remote). Then I want to increase the volume again. But this time I want to use the wheel on top of the atom and turning it clockwise. But suddenly the atom is starting playing with the volume of 60 when I am touching the wheel and of course it is even increasing with turning the wheel.

It seems that the different control devices don’t know what volume is currently playing. They are starting with an earlier volume setting. It happens with all devices and I cannot recognise any “pattern” behind ist. It happens in every direction.

At the moment I am really trying to avoid using different control devices, because I woke up the house one or two times because of that weird behaviour.

The firmware is up to date.

Does anyone of you know or heard about this issue and is there something I can do?

Thank you and regards

It may not have directly to do with it, but there was a report in the Beta thread about the mute state of a streamer getting out of sync between app and remote, so I guess this shows that something like this is not impossible.

Can you reproduce this more or less reliably, and can some other owners of wheel devices maybe confirm? I’d flag this info in the Beta thread.

Thanks, @Suedkiez for coming in. :slight_smile:

I cannot really reproduce it but I happens quite often. What I can say is that it definitely occurs with Tidal, Qobuz as well as web radio. These are the inputs I use 95% of the time.

I never had a problem when switching between iPad and iPhone so far. It is happening between App and remote control or App and wheel or remote and wheel. So it is not only happening when using the wheel. In most cases I am switching between remote control and iPhone and there it is happing quite often.

I believe this is reliable enough, flagged it for the Naim team.

Thank you very much.

Maybe I should add: First I thought it is only happening if the app is involved. So I used only the remote and Wheel for volume controlling for a week - only the Naim devices. I only used an app for starting a stream. And even in that week it occurred several times.

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Just had a quick go on my Atom and can’t replicate this behaviour. But it’s past midnight and bed calls, so only tried it briefly. I’ll have another go tomorrow and report back if I encounter these volume problems.



Only a guess as I don’t know the Atom, but there may be a physical volume control, and a digital one - if so the two are quite independant, though effectively in series with one another.

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Hi @colormind,

I use my Atom in pretty much the same way as you do for quite some time now and I have never experienced this behaviour. I use and mix the app on the phone, the ipad, the remote control and the dial on top of the Atom. Again, never had this issue. Even when playing through Roon the volume is always in sync between Roon and the other devices. I will monitor more closely if this is happening with my Atom as well, without me spotting it.

One question: did you modify the maximum volume setting in the Naim app? This is the only thing I can now think of that might be related to this issue.


Edit: typo


Yes, I set it to 80. I will deactive that today after work and check if things change.

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Hi @colormind, @Suedkiez, just to express thanks for the report above. We are investigating this behaviour currently.

Best regards,


Thank you very much, @Will! :slight_smile:


I just want to give a tiny update: This week I switched off the Maximum Volume setting. It did not change something. I had the issue again. So I went back to a Maximum Volume of 80 so avoid bigger problems. But I have to say: In general I had the problem “only” two times this week. But I try to avoid using different control devices at the moment …

So it is not the the biggest and most serious problem for me and it is definitely not making the Atom unusable for me. However I am looking forward to a new software version. Maybe this will change things. I am also considering setting the Atom back to factory settings und configuring everything new.

Thanks and have a great weekend.


:+1: Am sure this will be noted by the software gods. And turns out there was a different but similar issue already reported by another beta user shortly before you did, and a fix already in the works that is expected to cover both

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Wonderful news. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey Will. My new Atom yesterday and today a. had the screen lock on an artist, I could switch what I was listening to and the displayed artist remained. I shut off, turned on and it remained. I shut everything down and the screen again shows the current play. But now the volume level doesn’t show when I adjust with the remote or the Atom dial. Ah…edit…I just noticed that when I’m playing Qobuz the volume is indicated onscreen (of my iPad Pro) would that circumvent the Atom volume level display?

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