Weird issue - losing bass/mid out of one speaker

Hey all

Strange one ths.

I keep my system powered up (252/Supercap/500, NDX2, TT etc) at all times.

Every so often I loose the bass and mids out of the right speaker but the tweeter still works. When I power everything down and back on it works again

The speakers (Usher Dancer Mini 2’s) are not bi-wired so only one cable with jumpers attached.

Wonder if it’s a speaker crossover issue or something ?? Can’t be anything at the amp end can it ?

Any ideas ?

If you swap over the speakers, does the broken sound still come from the original right channel speaker? If yes it’s the speaker, if no it’s the amp or somewhere up stream.

Yes. Likely to be a speaker issue, IMO…

Swap speakers left to right, to confirm.

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Indeed, could be crossover failure or simply a bad connection internally. Odd that off and on again restores it though.

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Dry joint in the x-over would be uppermost in my mind as the culprit.


Can you remove the speaker and the plate at the back with the connectors to check the connections and perhaps resolder them .

Yeah - I’ll have a look at this. A friend of mine upgraded the internal wiring so perhaps something is loose.

Odd it works intermittently

:astonished: :thinking:

That is probably it then. Not loose, just a poor joint somewhere maybe…?

Yeah maybe. He did it about 10 years ago and been fine until recently
Will take a look

OK - this is not a speaker issue

Just flipped the cables

Must be a pre-amp or power amp issue.

Will speak to dealer

id be surprised if its the electronics if the tweeter still works regardless - they will either output the full signal or nothing rather than just the high frequencies - so i see you’ve flipped the cables, is that form left to right or a different set entirely? does the fault stay on the same speaker or move with the cable channel swap?


I would disconnect/reconnect all the cables (ICs, burndies, SNAICS, etc) for the electronics, just in case you have a dodgy connection.

If disconnecting/reconnecting all doesn’t cure, then more info needed -
1)Is it with all sources?

2)Were speaker cables swapped at amp end or speaker end?

When you say losing mid/bass, what does that mean:
3) Silence from both mid-bass drivers or audible but reduced level from them relative to tweeter?
3a) If latter, with ear to one of the mid-bass drivers, and cushion or similar held gently against tweeter, listen to the mid-bass output, then repeat with the other speaker but first reducing volume so the mid-bass is similar level to that you just listened to on the bad channel. Does the balance of sound from each channel’s mid-bass driver sound similar to the other, just that difference in volume?

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