Weird noise when Nova wakes up from standby

I purchased a second hand Naim Uniti Nova and have been experiencing a weird electronic noise when the system wakes up after a significant amount on time (e.g. overnight) in standby mode. The unit is discoverable on the network and I can turn on with my iPad or the remote control. When I start playing some music (e.g. using Spotify) there is a continuous electronic noise ( Sometimes it starts fading after a minute or so, sometime it persists. Pressing the power button on the unit or the remote to put the unit on standby again and immediately turning it back on makes the noise totally disappear and audio quality is perfect. The sound doesn’t go away when I put the unit on mute and the volume control has no effect on it.
If the unit is on standby mode for just a couple of hours, no noise is noticeable. Also, when putting the system in deep sleep overnight instead of standby totally fixes the issue (but of course I don’t have the ability to turn it on with an iPad or the remote) and it takes a minute or so to boot.
Tried the two options of the ground switch, but it made no difference.
Any ideas what it might be? The seller had not used the unit for a while, so cannot really tell if that was a preexisting issue, he is willing to work with me to resolve it, but I would like to get the opinion of the forum before trying my local Naim dealer for a repair. Just want to make sure I am not missing something I have not tested.
Thank you in advance.

I’m sorry to say that doesn’t sound right at all.
There is nothing which comes to mind, other than it needs attention via a dealer.
I’m guessing you’ve checked there are no speaker wires touching/shorting out etc?

The fact that it’s totally ok when using the unit after “deep sleep” is telling me that speaker wires are totally ok.

That doesn’t sound right. It sounds like the noise that switch mode power supplies can sometimes make. The Nova has a special switch mode PSU for standby only, and maybe it’s that making the noise. Perhaps if @NeilS sees this thread he can take a listen. Either way though, I would get it checked out by your Naim dealer.

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No definitely a return to a dealer, that should not sound like that…that’s a shame.

Hi ckyr,
Sorry to hear of this problem - definitely not right! I assume this is coming from the speakers, rather than the unit itself? I haven’t heard the tiny SMPS ever make any sort of mechanical noise before, so I think it’s some kind of digital noise.
I hope you can work with the seller & dealer to come to a solution.


This is interesting. I’ve experienced the same thing with my Nova (owned from new very soon after the Nova was released). The sound is very similar and immediately putting the unit into standby and takig it out of standby again fixes it.

More interestingly, some firmware versions seem to have fixed that problem. I’m on beta firmware at present which does show the problem and have reported it on the beta forum (which is accessible only if you’re on the beta testing programme). I’ll mention this thread there and see if it helps diagnosing the problem.


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Thank you! This is very interesting indeed.
Is there an issue with some older units and certain firmwares? I assume you have excluded your setup? Was wondering if I would have the same issue if switching to a brand new unit.

I suspect it’s not an issue others have generally experienced or we would hear more about it. I think I can safely exclude the set-up here as it’s pretty basic. The Nova takes music by Ehternet from ny NAS (I don’t use any streaming service like Tidal or Qobuz) and plays directly to my speakers (I use Roon for that). Other than that there’s one HDMI connection to the t.v.

If I were you, I’d hold on a little before doing anything drastic. Let’s see if any more clues emerge on the beta forum (where Naim is aware of the issue). To the extent I can do so without breaching the beta NDA I’ll report any progress here.


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Thank you. I am happy to help report to the beta forum as well if you connect me to the right folks there.
My setup is very simple as well. Streaming service or Synology NAS as input to a pair of speakers. Occasional use of a turntable.

See this post if you want to join the beta testing group.


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