Welcome New Listening Room, Welcome New System!

I was quite pleased how this sounded in my system :sunglasses:, the sub was quite happy too.

Try the Voyage Of The Cosmic Hippo track. It has the deepest bass I have ever heard on CD. It is on Qobuz and is insane!

I am so impressed how my system (and room) handles it.

That poor widow! At least your system sounds better. :+1:t5::joy:

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It doesn’t seem to be on Tidal, and we don’t have Qobuz in New Zealand.

Great write up thanks Nigel. Last year I completely rearranged my listening room and added a small amount of acoustic treatment. This also brought about some great improvemens. I believe I have my listening/speaker position about right but after reading your post I may have another go at speaker placement. I have recently moved my listening position forwards slightly so it could be worth modifying speaker position.
Glad you are enjoying your great system in an improved environment.

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Thanks for a great summary Nigel and glad you seem to have a free upgrade albeit at the expense of some light removals. Some pics when you have time would be interesting.
During the odd upgrade Andy from Signals has commented more than once how good the PMC 25.26 sound in a biggish room 20 by 19 feet…they benefit from a reasonable amount of air to breathe in. Good to see your Monitor audio speakers have benefited, not too popular these days which is a shame as they are fairly local to me.
I tried the Bella Fleck track out of curiosity, pretty good even if i was not just listening to the bass part. Seemed controlled in my system to me, though i am sure others could find fault, but at the end of the day it is for our own personal pleasure, not theirs.
Nice one👍

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Pics of my new listening room, as requested.


Very nice, yes plenty of features to break up standing waves, and the Monitor Audio speakers are fairly large to benefit from extra air.

I can see why Wickes never have any pipe insulation in stock.:wink:

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Nice room Nigel! :star_struck:

Adding acoustic treatment would obviously enhance things by a good margin, but the room is so nice as it is… :thinking:


Yeah… I’ve read a few of your posts about room treatment which sort of inspired me to tackle mine (plus a ton of other stuff on the web). It’s a very small room so I took pictures of the space and sent them in to a couple of places that provide treatment. After plenty of advice and reassurance that the small space can be treated very positively, I now have a corner trap (for the ceiling/wall) and a number of 60cm panels being sent out to me. Should be interesting.


Very nice Nigel - lovely room with superb attention to detail in the set up. And, really pleasing to see Monitor Audio speakers with Naim. Seriously overlooked and unappreciated on the forum. Their current range is very well regarded and nothing like their early screechy metal dome tweeter models - heard the Platinums last year pre lockdown and they were tremendous on the end of a 272 / 250 (think it was).

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Love the wood beams on that room… looking like the idea room!


Interesting stuff. My room is about 3.5 x 7.5 metres, but my speakers are positioned on the long wall too close to the wall behind them and with a hard wall almost directly behind my listening position which is about 3 metres away.

I have plans to rearrange so that the speakers can be placed along the short dimension and away from the rear and side walls, allowing me to have a listening position in a much better place and with no wall behind me. I am prepared for the recompense that will be required to maintain domestic harmony, which I feel will be much more than a new box of electronics!

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Although speakers firing down the long length of the room should give better results, as you have the ability to move the speakers from the front wall and move the listening position away from the rear wall, there is no guarantee of success - see @Mike-B 's post above. Give it a go and see.

You have to be prepared to engage in a bit of trial and error.

Good luck WW.

In my case, changing from end wall to a long wall (7m) position, I believe most of the improvement came from no side wall reflections, maybe the corner position was adding too much energy as the bass was a bit lumpy. Also as its a living room & not a dedicated listening room, the speakers need to be placed as such.
In my situation it just worked better; obviously it goes without saying, YMMV.,

I love that track and shall be eternally grateful to you for flagging it up (if I live that long of course).

Glad to hear everything’s sounding so good.

Glad you like the track, indeed I found it first on here.

I must correct myself and point out the name of the track and album is Flight of the Cosmic Hippo (not Voyage of…).


BTW it on both Tidal and Qobuz

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Thanks, found it with the updated name. Goes pretty deep.

Nice room, bags of character and obviously a great sounding system…you must be delighted

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