Well done Liverpool

Well done Liverpool. Absolutely stunning on every level. One of the best games of football I’ve seen for ages. Spirit, belief, courage and skill. I hope you go on and win it.

The way those players lined up in front of the Kop at the end, with the entire ground singing You’ll Never Walk Alone… Made me proud to be English, we could do with some backbone like that down South in Westminster. Enjoy your night!

Tony (Gooner).


Jesus. We. Will. Never. Hear. The. End. Of. This.


I’m a United fan but I certainly felt a tinge of jealousy as the camera honed in on Dalgeish (who broke my heart many’s the time) singing along.

GULP, well done Liverpool and Jürgen, exceptional stuff, even for a proud Irish United Fan. (Both Scunthorpe and Manchester).



Great football is great football regardless of tribal preferences. If you can’t just sit back and enjoy something like that then you may as well give up watching football.


Awesome night … team and crowd were both unbelievable :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Sincerely hope you all heard us telling Suarez what to do :joy::joy::joy::joy:



I did enjoy it! It was great. I just know Liverpool fans will not stop telling us about it for the next 26 years.


Did you see the game where we beat Barca 4-0? I was there - let me tell you about it … :wink:


Such a lack of generosity of spirit. All fans live off past glories up to the precise moment there’s a modern achievement. Win the title or the Champions League and you’ll not hear of it again.

Arsenal fans and the invincible anyone? Celtic and the 67 team. Everton and then Kendall Erna. Forest and… well you get the gist.

Leicester won the league 3 years ago. Still not over it. :+1::wine_glass:


Oh that’s fine, proper David and Goliath fairytale stuff and Leicester fans do it nicely, without hubris😁

Come On You Spurs!!!


Finally, something we can agree on :innocent:

England 1966…

We’ll be bringing Anfield to Madrid and taking this fella :trophy: back (again) …

But one of my mates is a 'pool fan and he insisted you were going to win the Premier League.

Can’t believe you lot…

Well he’s a believer isn’t he - can’t fault that …

And as far as bigears is concerned - being European Royalty - we do have form there. Unlike our country cousins … :grinning:

COME ON YOU SPURS…! :sunglasses:


You’re making a lot of noise for so little achievement. Quiet down there :wink:


I know you will all sympathise with Messi’s pain :joy:


Like Pique, I too think about it every day - I’m sure many of you are similarly affected :grinning:

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My heart is breaking over here.