Well I know I shouldn't but I couldn't stop

Well after knocking a massive hole in my hifi fund by getting a 552 a few weeks back and then looking at possible amp upgrades, I noticed Paul at hifi lounge had a ND555 for sale, well I couldn’t resist and my lovely NDS will soon be traded in against it.
After all my 552 needs a mate doesn’t it and it’s also one step closer to my end game system, just need 2 x 500dr amps now, but that is going to have to wait and I mean it this time.
Looking forward to getting it all up and running and looks like i will be running it from 2 power supplies straight from the off, but we will see about that once i get it home.
Will be using tidal as i did with my NDS, but might try roon out on a free trial, but is tidal still the best one to use these days.
Anyway the journey continues


Sounds like a great addition to family. Congratulations!

Yes Tidal, Qobuz if you can get it are probably best.

Dunc, hope you can get the price down, its too expensive imo. I bought a new nd555, ex dem 555ps, 252/SC dr for less than £20 k with a year old Nova trade in.

A good so called HiFi switch will make a significant difference to the audio quality of your streamer.

Gazza, o yes a deal is always on my mind, plus I am getting a good price I feel for my NDS

Joe I have a melco and found that worked very well on the NDS and hope it will do the same on the ND555

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If not mistaken Melco has a direct RJ45 port ? Good stuff for sure

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