Well, it's been almost a year since we first met

To be honest, it has probably been nearer to eighteen months. That’s the time it has been since we (my wife and I) first visited the Naim Forums and began our search for something new to store and play our music on.

The problem we had was that we had lost touch with our music (approx 1,400 CD’s) which, were nicely organised in shelves in the spare room. However, no matter how well organised, we had got to the point where we were fed up of going up and down the stairs to get a CD and to be honest, we had forgotten what CD’s we actually had. So, our search began to find a replacement for our small hi-fi. After what seemed exhaustive reading of reviews, recommendations, and at times going around in circles etc. we narrowed down our choice to Naim.

It has now been almost a year since we first met our Core (4tb SSD), Atom and Mu-so2 all currently hard-wired into a Wifi6 range extender. So, after all this time how has the experience been?

To be perfectly honest, it has been amazing. We have reconnected with our music (which we always loved and was the main aim). All 1,400 CD’s have been burnt to our Core successfully (a job which kept us busy during the first COVID lockdown) and are primarily accessed using the Naim app via an iPad Pro.

Problems? None really. All firmware updates have installed successfully and we have found that the odd glitches we have experienced appear to be down to local network problems (iPad or range extender).
What of the future? Well, once the pennies have accumulated in the bank again, we hope to invest in a set of new bookshelf speakers to replace our Sony ones and a turntable (we have loads of vinyl in the loft that also needs to be enjoyed)! Any advice/recommendations appreciated.

So, in a nutshell, thank you Naim and thanks to all the individual contributors to the forums. In one way or another, your sage words, advice/troubleshooting and humour has assisted us in reconnecting and enjoying our music once more.

Thank You, a very Happy New Year to you all, enjoy your music and perhaps, it will not take another year before we make our second posting!


What a lovely post, which manages to convey the joy that your Naim gear has brought you both, and at the same time putting a wee smile of agreement on our faces too.

Rock on.


Great to hear. I think you need a good dealer to take you through various options regarding speakers and a record player. Some high performance bookshelf speakers and a Rega 3 would be a good starting point, but your budget and ambition may be higher. Enjoy the process, and perhaps think about a record cleaner for your old vinyl.


Welcome to the forum, and what a nice post. I’m here only slightly longer and especially the renewed love for CD’s after ripping them is so very recognizable. Although admittedly, some of these embarrassed me. (I must have been drunk when I bought ‘Them Girls’ by Zig & Zag back in the nineties.)


As other have said, welcome, and what a great introductory post. I’m glad you’re getting so much pleasure from your music.

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Don’t worry, nobody need ever know. :laughing:


If you have lots of records to play, you should have a serious look at Linn’s LP12. You can, but don’t need to, spend a fortune on one of these.

Why not ask your dealer if he has anything interesting in the stock room. If he doesn’t have anything, are there other dealers around who might have something of interest? (Your profile doesn’t show your location, are you in the UK?)

Hi and welcome.

TT, budget? Perhaps a Rega P2 or P3 with Rega phono stage.

Good luck.

Thanks for that. At times scanning the forum it can sometimes seem that most posts are complaining about something, so it’s very good when things go well as I suspect they do most of the time. What’s even better is when someone who’s really enjoying their system bothers to post about it in such an enthusiastic way.

Thanks again and continue enjoying the music.



What a wonderful post!

I’m a happy Naim owner for 20-25 years and I’ve never had a problem or complaint so far. Flawless in every aspect. Only to say, just look forward to many more years of enjoyment with confidence!

Been a happy Naim user for 30 years or so…

Glad everything has worked out for you, now your next task is Show Us Your System 2022…

PS My first speakers were Sony and I thought they had a lovely warm sound to them.

Thanks for your post. I’m new here as well looking for a better way to enjoy my music collection and have gravitated towards the Naim brand. I already have music ripped to a NAS and want a way to both stream music and have a good headphone output. Keep on grooving!

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…and to continue your journey, looks like you will be having a lot of fun testing new speakers.

As some expressed above, nice to hear appreciations of the simpler systems, Core + Atom. Great stuff, Talk Talk.

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I enjoyed your post - thanks! Perhaps particularly as i own only 3 Naim devices - an Atom, a Core and a Muso II :slight_smile: i feel a kinship! Certainly went through the same experience ripping all the CDs - although only about 450 in my case. But the lovely organized, accessible, visual feel you get from playing music from the core via the Atom (into some re-capped, refinished Celestion Ditton 25’s) or the Muso II, using the ipad app, is just such a wonderful experience. Add in the great unified experience with tidal and hi-def radio and it really is the trifecta of source integration.

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Thanks Stuart, funnily enough, I was looking at the Rega P1 Plus which, if I can get it over the line with my good lady seems a reasonable turntable with my limited budget.
However, in the interim I will obtain that record cleaner and see how my LP’s and singles scrub up?
Thanks for the advice and will discuss with the dealer in Hereford who I sourced my Naim kit from.
Kind Regards

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Thank You all for your warm welcome and kind words. Food for thought on the turntable, etc and will give us another piece of research to carry out.
However you enjoy your music, played and listened to on whatever items of kit please continue to enjoy. In the words of a ‘Tower Records’ logo (remember that music emporium?) - No Music No Life……….


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