Went to my dealer to sell my Armageddon and ended up buying a NAC282 and Hicap DR

They gave me a great trade-in on my ‘Geddon and 272 plus a nice discount on a factory refurbished 282 and HicapDr. Picking it up next weekend after the updates on my LP12.


There’s going to be a lot of bargain 272s around. Anyone looking for a cheap gateway into this addiction could save quite a few bucks, pounds, euros etc.

Enjoy your 828/Hi Cap combo.



I am sure you will enjoy…

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It happens, enjoy :sunglasses::clap::clap:

282 is an awesome pre.

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Great stuff. (Just so long as the ATCs are staying :slight_smile: )

Hawthorne got me again. :joy:


Can’t wait to find out. Pretty much maxed out my LP12 so I figured a better preamp was needed. Will try it with the HicapDR for a few months than try s SupercaoDR

Nope not leaving until I eventually move and then I will try the bigger ATC’s

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Um, you are going to thoroughly enjoy the 282 on your 250. If you do test a supercap, it won’t be going back, I can say that from experience. :sunglasses:. Enjoy your upgrades!!


Enjoy the 282/HCDR it’s a wonderful pre but the change to the 282/SCDR for me is a game changer an upgrade I did a few weeks ago.

Congratulations! I didn’t know you are a “local”
Yeah I purposely try to avoid Hawthorne, it’s too tempting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

In your opinion the move from hcdr to scdr is bigger enhancement that 250dr to 300dr?

As always throw more into the pre amp than the power amp, also the sound signature between the 250 and 300 is different and depends on how easy your speakers are to drive.

For me the move from a 250dr to a none DR was easy as the SL2s really shine with a 300, also the none DR amp to my lugs has a warmer presentation which I enjoy.

I have this set up. I love it. I hadn’t realised that better could be achieved by a Supercap.
How much do they cost?

Depends where in the world you are. In the UK, early Olive Supercaps start around £1k secondhand. It’s wise to factor in service costs for one so old. A brand new Supercap DR has a current RRP in the UK of £4849.

I live in Eastbourne.
Do you need extra interconnects?

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The Supercap came with no SNAICs or Burndy because otherwise you would usually end up paying for a cable you didn’t need. As such, if you are using it for a NAC282, then you would need a pair of SNAIC5s.

Avoid temptation and get just two HCDRs! And it will avoid you looking at a 252. Plus each HC comes with the snaics you need.

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What @Thegreatroberto said…

82 plus 2 HC’s here… With Black SNAICS… just … because… :wink:

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